Best Bandsaws For Resawing (2021) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Resawing band saws are getting popular day by day and woodworking professionals can’t just ignore their importance. You want to take your job to the pinnacle, you should have the perfect band saw to help you up with the resawing.

However, getting the best band saw for resawing is not easy now that you have tons of junks in the marketplace. But you can’t just sit there regretting, can you? Well, take my hand as I take you to the amazing journey so that you can pick the perfect band saw.

Best Band Saw For Resawing Reviews

Give the reviews an attentive read and decide which band saw suits you the best. This might be your lucky day.

1.WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

If you want something extraordinary that will puzzle into the eyes of anyone, your first choice will be the WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band.  You wan the best band saw machine for wood cutting? This tool will help you a lot in the execution of your desired task. Let’s talk about the features without much banter

Compared to other Band Saw, this one will give you a very perfect and deep cutting. With its 3.5 amp motor, you can go up to 6 inches deep and 9-3/4 inches wide, you’ll have the seamless cuts with no problem at all.

Wen 3962 has got a great reputation for its 2 variable speeds. You can get a speed of 1520 fpm and also 2620 fpm. This will help you get the job perfect for you.

That is when you need the kind of speed, you can use to make your work beautiful and attractive. So if you give the best priority to this band saw, this can be the icing on the cake.

If you want a more angular and versatile cut, this band saw can be your best pick. It measures 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch and bevels up to 45 degrees.

You don’t have to worry about the spaces at all. Because there are enough spaces that help you to do your job properly.  The LED light, on the other hand, will give you a smart job opportunity. Because there are times when performing tasks that require extra light.

In that case, the WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw will not disappoint you, as there are high-quality LED lights.

A special type of blade is needed to achieve a particular task. In that case, the WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw will never disappoint you. Because it has used 72-inch blades between 1/8 and ½ inches in size. It certainly has the best bandsaw blade for resawing.

Wen 3962 saw has 3 in 1 dust versatility for dust extractor hoses which assist you to keep dust under control.

If you want an accurate crosscutting, the fence and miter gauge will enable you to achieve this. This feature will play a useful role in cutting down any wood without any trouble.


  • 3.5 amp motor.
  • 2 variable speeds for efficient work.
  • It measures 14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch and bevels up to 45 degrees.
  • LED light for better support.
  • 72-inch blades between 1/8 and ½ inches in size.
  • 3 in 1 dust port.
  • The fence and a miter gauge for accurate cutting.


  • Not simple to replace the blade.

2. WEN 94396- 10 Amp 5-Inch Portable Band Saw

WEN 94396 10-Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw for Metal

If you want to make your task even more prominent and noticeable, you should get rid of the old bandsaw machine as the WEN 94396 band saw is here for you. You can do your work easily and quickly by this band saw. Let’s take a look at this product.

This band saw comes with a powerful 10 amp motor that revolves around the blade up to 60-420 feet. This motor will give you adequate power to surely approach a variety of materials and jobs.

The size of the worktable will give you a pretty good space to work with, which will make your work more comfortable. You will find a 5 inch wide and 5 inch deep work table 14.5 pound choosing this band saw. So, no more worries about spaces.

Some products have a lot of trouble for cutting or sizing. But that would not be the case with this band saw. Because here you can cut up to 5 inches deep and 5 inches wide, which will give you the work that you desired for.

This unique band saw arrives with 44-7/8  blades anywhere from 1/2 inches in size. It means that you can get a powerful work by using it. You don’t need to suffer any kind of bad issues.

When we talk about the accessories, WEN 3959 is a store-house. In its rig, you will get many facilities like a dust port, a rip fence and a miter gauge that will give you everything you want.


  • 2.5 amp motor.
  • 12-1/4 x 11-7/8 inches work table.
  • Trimmed up to 9 inches wide and 3-1 / 2 inches deep.
  • 59-1/2 inch blades for a powerful task.
  • Enough accessories like a dust port, a rip fence, and a miter gauge.


  • Single-speed setting.

3. Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14″

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw

If you are still researching for the best band saw machine for wood cutting, then you can take a look at Grizzly G0555LX. It can be useful for your work purposes.

One of the most popular aspects of the Grizzly G0555LX is that it won’t vibrate needlessly while working. It is essential if you want your work to be pitch-perfect and smooth. Thanks to the balanced rubber tires and cast-iron wheels, you say goodbye to unwanted vibration.

Another specialty of this band saw is that you will get two different blade speeds, 1800 and 3100 FPM. This means that you can easily set the type of speed you need to work with this feature.

Speaking of size, the table is 1.5 inches thick and measures 14 x 14 inches, which is considered to be an average size.

As for design, the Grizzly G0555LX is basically a T-shaped aluminum-designed band saw, which is a great and eye-catching look as well as effective. Metalwork and woodwork, you can choose this product for any job. The band saw comes with 1 HP motor, which will provide you a maximum cutting capacity of 13″.


  • Taiwan product.
  • Balanced rubber tires along with cast iron wheels.
  • Speed ranges between 1800 and 3100 FPM.
  • 1.5 inches thick and measures 14 x 14 inches.
  • Eye-catching design and effective for any works.
  • 1 HP motor.


  • Very heavy.

4. SKIL 9″ Band Saw

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

If you want the best bandsaw for resawing wood, Skill 9″ band saw can be your pick for work. We are sure that it will be much more durable among all the band saws that are in the market. If you want to know the details, move to the feature.

It requires a 2.5-amp electric supply with 120 voltage to run the motor very effectively. If you need faster and proper work and want to do various types of projects, Skill 9″ band saw should be the one you can trust.

There is often a lot of dust in the woodwork, which is very annoying. But that will never be the case for this product. Because there is a 1-1 / 2-inch dust port, which will remove the dust you are facing while working. So, be on cloud nine. Because you have all the advantages.

There is no value to the work if this is not performed properly. For this issue, SKILL 9″ band saw is giving you a better-LED light, especially when working in dim workhouses.

For more accurate crosscuts, this band saw includes a miter gauge. So making all those amazing grooves and cuts with accuracy is just a piece of cake.

On top of that, it uses a 59 ¼ inches long blade where you can go into a deeper position. By giving you a tremendous product, this band saw will assist you.

For straight and appropriate work, here is a rip fence that will take your sawing experience into a whole new level.


  • 2.5 amp motor with 120 voltage.
  • 2-inch dust port.
  • LED headlight.
  • Miter gauge for crosscuts.
  • 59 ¼ inches long blade.
  • Rip fence for straight and exact cuts.


  • Not acceptable for heavy-duty projects.

5. Delta 28-400 Steel Frame Band Saw

Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

Do you want to perform heavy type work very easily and smoothly? Then select Delta 28-400 Steel Frame Band. Its working style will tell how different it is from other bands.

Speaking of design, the Delta 28-400 band saw has no comparison. It is made with a heavy-duty steel frame, so it will reduce flexing. As well as its aluminum trunnion table will give you long-lasting support. The measurement of this product is about 45″ x 21″ x 18″, which can be considered as a usual size.

Delta 28-400 can collect any dust or garbage very efficiently. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the dirt or clinging to it. There is a small hole in the table so that the dirt can easily fall and you don’t have to suffer anymore.

The motor is 1 HP that allows 2 speeds, 1620 and 3340 FPM. You can make work best by using the speed you want. The striking Band Saw features rubber-coated upper and lower 9 spoke wheels that will increase the precision of the work.

The sound that comes from the machine is very less.  So you can say that Delta 28-400 is a noise-free band saw. You don’t have to bother for extra awkward noises or stuff like that.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame along with aluminum trunnion table.
  • Measurement is about 45″ x 21″ x 18″.
  • Dust collector.
  • 1 HP motor allows 1620 and 3340 FPM.
  • Rubber-coated upper and lower 9 spoke wheels.
  • The noise-free band saw.


  • Doesn’t come with a rip fence.

6. JET JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw

 JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

If your work item is attractive to look at, then there is no need to look back. You are getting a hot band saw which is made of attractive and sophisticated designs.  Talking about the Jet JWBS-14DXPRO. This product is intended to make the difficult task easier and better.

Jet JWBS-14DXPRO has an average cutting capacity which is about 13.5 inches. Also, the height of the cutting capacity is 12 inches, which is pretty impressive. It can be a good fit for any job.

The dimension of this band saw is 29 X 28 X 77 inches which are pretty good. Also, it comes with an attractive white color, which looks outstanding.

For increased strength and solidness, you will get upper and lower iron cast frame with a new design.  Here you will get a unique feature. You will find a blade tracking window, which can help you in an easy view. Always remember that safety is key for this job.

The 2 Speed poly v belt will protect your work, even when you need to figure out what kind of speed you need. For a better and precise cut, you will find a blade guide post with rack and pinion adjustment. Show a big wave for those typical band saws.


  • Average cutting capacity.
  • 29 X 28 X 77 is an acceptable measurement.
  • Newly designed iron cast frame.
  • Blade tracking window.
  • 2 variable speeds.
  • A blade guide post with rack and pinion adjustment.


  • There is no headlight.
  • A bit expensive.

7. Powermatic 1791216K Woodworking Band Saw

Powermatic 1791216K Woodworking Band Saw

Here is a band saw that is running hot in the marketplace. Yes, talking about the Powermatic 1791216K Woodworking Band Saw. Want to know in detail? Let’s discover it.

When it comes to durability, Powermatic 1791216K has no compare. Because the band saw is a very sturdy and strong band saw compared with other typical band saws. Here is used Solid steel and cast-iron construction to make the product more durable and long-lasting.

Powermatic 1791216K used on 1-1 / 2-horsepower motor, will give you a powerful work as a gift. That means your performance will be absolutely at a higher level.

For enough lifetime, the motor of this band saw is fully surrounded with TEFC (Total Enclosed Fan Cooled). Not a single trouble can arrive in you. The dimension is about 20 X 34 X 68 inches and the weight of this band saw is only 178 pounds.

You can focus enough on cutting wood. Because there is the latest quality halogen lamp which is 60 watt. On top of that, you also get a chip blower for crushing wood, which allows you to size the wood you want.

By using the Powermatic 1791216K band saw, you’ll get the fantastic blade speed which is 3000 (SFPM) which allows you to complete your task more conveniently and freely.


  • Solid steel and cast iron construction enlarge the durability.
  • 2-horsepower motor.
  • Fully enclosed motor.
  • 20 X 34 X 68 inches and only 178 pounds.
  • Halogen lamp with 60 watts.
  • Chip blower.
  • 3000 (SFPM) speed.


  • Sometimes it is a piece of junk.

8. Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 X 12 Bandsaw

Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

If you want a premium quality band saw, you should pick Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 with your eyes closed.

When it comes to durability, this one stands out from the mainstream. Because the high-class steel frame can take the toughest abuses and withstand them like a pro.

Here you will get a safety switch for on/off your band saw. There is no chance of turning the machine on / off unnecessarily because you’ve got a safety key.

There is another special aspect that you will love very much, that is, you can remove the dust very easily by its 4-inch dust port.

For it provides better power, this band saw has one ¾ HP motor that runs through minimum voltage. So, if you need a faster along with a fresh job, you can use this band saw. It will be more than you want.

Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 has heavy-duty cast iron wheels that will be very tenacious. There is no chance of the wheel being broken or damaged.

The throat capacity is about 13 5/8″ in size, which is a respectable and one of the largest throat sizes across the industry. This is fully enclosed with TEFC so that you don’t have to worry about the longevity of the motor.


  • Solid steel frame.
  • A safety switch for on/off.
  • 4-inch effective dust port.
  • One ¾ HP motor.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron wheels.
  • 13 5/8″ throat capacity.
  • Enclosed with TEFC.


  • Underpowered for particular applications.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Band Saw


The first thing you need to notice when buying any Band Saw is the motor. Because the performance of the band saw you use depends on the motor.  The band saw motors are rated in terms of horsepower or HP.

Normally 1 HP is regarded as a motor average. You can also choose from 1.5 to 3.5 HP motor to make your work faster and more efficient.


The frame is an important factor in the selection of band saw. Because it ensures the quality of your product. The frame determines how long your band saw will last.

In that case, you must choose the best one. Two of the most advanced frames available in the market are the solid steel aluminum frame and iron cast frame. They are considered much stronger and sturdy.

Band Saw Wheels

This feature will affect the way your saw cuts and behaves. The role of the wheels is immense in maintaining an adequate and moderate speed.

Rubber-coated wheels and cast iron wheels are the most popular in the market. Because these wheels offer a consistent speed as well as a suitable cutting.

Work Light

In most Band Saw you will find high quality LED light. This will allow you to perform your tasks in a very simple and perfect way. To some, it may seem strange or unnecessary, but to most people, it is a useful feature.

Blade Guides

When choosing Band Saw, you must pay close attention to the choice of blade. Because how beautiful and attractive your work will depend almost entirely on this blade. Typically, sizes from 59-1 / 2 inches to 72 inches are considered the ideal size. Anything from here can be your final pick.

Dust Collection

The farther away from the dirt, the less difficult it is to perform the work. That’s why most bands saw give you the dust collector. You will get 2 inches to 4 inches dust collector. The larger the hole, the better it will be for you.


The counting of speed is a key point to choose any band saw. If your product is kind of sluggish, you can’t perform any tusk peacefully. So you have to select a perfect band saw that can supply enough speed for your desired work.

The higher the speed, the faster your work speed will be. In that case, you must choose the fastest band saw. Normally the speed from 1520 to 3340 is perfectly suited for any task you perform.


For Certain Cuts, Will I Need A Specific Saw Blade?

Yes, for cutting different kinds of materials, you have to choose the proper blade for that material.

Can I Use My Band Saw To Cut Vegetables?

It became a weird kind of question. In fact, it is better to use the things for which it was made. You can buy some choppers or knives from the market to cut your vegetables. But yes, since you can cut wood with the help of a band saw, cutting vegetables doesn’t even matter.

Can I Use My Band Saw To Metal?

Most of the band saw should be able to handle if you’ve settled the proper blade. Some bands may not be seen, but most are possible.

Final Verdict

Since you will spend money, choose a product that does not bring you the least regret.  Now that you have gone through the best band saw for resawing reviews, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect match.