Best Cordless Hammer Drill Reviews 2021

Are you in the construction industry looking for the best cordless hammer drill? Well, a cordless hammer drill is one of the power tools that are functional in day to day life. It refers to a rotary drill that possesses a hammering action. Thus, the device utilizes the hammering action to enhance quicker drilling without using much effort.

They are ideal when dealing with relatively brittle materials since their rapid thrust pulverizes the materials with less effort. These devices are electrically powered even though the cordless designs have taken the current market by a surprise. Although they feature a small size, these hammer drills apply the same technology that is used in electric demolition hammers usually referred to as breakers or chipping guns.

Top 5 Best Cordless Hammer Drill​ Reviews 

Best Cordless Hammer Drill ReviewsBest Cordless Hammer Drill Reviews

1. Hilti Rotary Hammer Drill

When you want to have great drilling power, hammer drill gives you all the convenience you want. Well, with Hilti rotary hammer drill, it’s revolutionizing the way you work.

The drill is highly versatile to enable the user to have smooth drilling. In fact, you can use it to make holes in wood or steel. Unlike some of the brands that only work on wood bits, this one has great compatibility with various bits.

Well, when you need high torque drill, this one fits your needs perfectly. The tool features powerful 6.26 amp motor. It’s this motor that provides a high torque that allows it drill even on hard surfaces. Unlike the wood -based drills, this one is suitable for more than wood. In fact, the tool delivers 4,200 BPM & 740 RPM for fast drilling experience.

Forget about the mechanical type drills that limit your working time. This one is powerful and is vital for heavy-duty application. It is super lightweight. As a result, it gives you a comfortable feeling. The D –grip design further lets the user enjoy great comfort and grip.

Operating this tool is impressively easy. When drilling is over, removing the drill is easy and struggling. To enable this, it comes with forward and reverse switch. Therefore, whether drilling steel or concrete, retrieving the drill is simple without struggling to pull.


  •   Versatile bits compatibility
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Forward and reverse switch
  •   High torque delivery


  •   Unsuitable field operations

2. Hilti Cordless Hammer Drill

If you are performing drilling work in remote areas, cordless drills are the lasting solution. One of the best choices you can opt for is Hilti 431940 SFH 18-A. It’s a premium built tool that gives you the best drilling experience.

One of the pronounced features about this drill is portability. Whether you are working on areas without grid connectivity, there is no problem. You will still work without experiencing any problem. The tool boasts cordless design and fitted with 18V Li -Ion battery. This high performing battery gives you extended operating time before recharging.

The powerful fitted motor is perfectly dedicated to giving you the drilling power you need. In connection to that, this tool is suitable for masonry drilling without harming it. With up to 2140 rpm, it gives you great drilling speed. In fact, you can use it for drilling in bricks and aerated concrete. The combination of high torque and hammering action lets you drill hard surfaces effortlessly. Moreover, it fits bits with the ability to make A inch holes.

When you look at the economics of this drill, there is no doubt its comfortable to use. The design is sleek and has great grip for unmatched comfort. With rubber insulated handles, there is no slipping even after hours of usage. Also, the lightweight 4.8 pounds minimizes hand strains. Unlike rivals, this has a side handle that improves the overall comfort and stability.


  •  Perfect for field use
  •  Durable drill casing
  •  Great hard surfaces drilling
  •  Outstanding drilling speed


  •   Uses brushless motor
  •  Battery operates for a limited time

3. Makita Motor Cordless A Inch Hammer Driver -Drill Kit

If you are looking for the most powerful yet easy to handle hammer drill, Makita XPHO7M should be your choice. The previous models performed excellently and everyone likes them. Now, this model is 50 percent more powerful than the previous models. Thanks to the BL motor this features a brush less design and delivers, of maximum torque.

On the other hand, it delivers 0 to 31500 BPM for incredibly quick hammer drilling through tough masonry materials such as concrete. The BL motor of this device is electronically controlled to optimize energy efficiency. Hence, it increases the battery run time by 50 percent. Equally, this BL motor eliminates carbon brushes to allow the motor to run cooler and more efficiently. In terms of ergonomics, this drill has the best to offer. It measures 8-1/8″ long and weighs just 5.9 lbs.

Besides; the handles are covered with a soft rubber material which is tender to the hands even if you work for long hours without a rest. The battery is 18V LXT Lithium -Ion 4.0 Ah battery and takes only 40 minutes for a full charge. And for convenience purpose, this hammer drill features a three -stage LED gauge which displays the battery charge level. So, you can work any guesswork.


  •  Reliable brush-less motor
  • Strong and durable battery
  • Features a battery gauge


  •   Quite noisy

4. Lomvum Cordless Hammer Impact Driver & Drill Kit

Lomvum Power Tools is a great company that consists of professional and growing team which dedicates its enthusiasm towards continuous improvements in their products. With this cordless driver and drill kit, you can now enjoy your work like you never did. This hammer driver and drill device boast two -speed settings and

21+3 clutch settings which are optimized all tough household tasks.

So, this is three in one tool that is optimized for drilling, hammer and driving applications. With the impressive clutch adjustments, users can make precise torque adjustments to deliver accurate screw driving and drilling.

Besides, it features two -speed design i.e. high speed for twisting tasks and low speed for nailing. What else would you be looking for yet this cordless hammer drill comes at a fairly affordable price. Apart from professional grade power, this device weighs only 2.4 pounds and the motor delivers up to 1350 rotations per minute. This small but mighty device is ideal for drilling, driving and removal applications.

The 21+3 position clutch is ideal for precise control when drilling through wood, metal, tiles, concrete and all other screw driving tasks. On the other hand, it uses a powerful battery rated 12 volts and is lithium ion. The battery is quite light, compact and is incredibly durable yet it takes less than one hour for a complete charge.

In addition, the kit includes two batteries and screwdriver bit sets. Last but not least, it features LED lights which are strategically placed to illuminate dark workplaces.


  •  Incredibly lightweight
  • Powerful and long lasting battery
  • LED lights
  • Dual speed motor


  •  Not as strong as some corded hammer drills

5. Hilti 3536723 SF 2H-A  Cordless Hammer Drill Driver Tool

If you want to love your construction based project, you need to have Hilti 431940 SFH Cordless Hammer Drill available in your toolbox. It boasts unbeaten performance and battery life making it control the survive ability of other competitive hammer drills. Through the cordless and lightweight body, it delivers maximum comfort to the user thereby allowing them to perform excellently and for a long time without feeling tedious.

The battery capacity is in the 18 volts class which translates to magnificent motor torque and speed. As a matter of fact, it delivers 55 percent more BPM and 25 percent more speed in masonry. This is quite an amazing performance compared to the previous models which couldn’t drill through some tough materials.

The highest speed it can achieve is 2140 RPM which is recommended for fast drilling.

Equally, it delivers 25 percent more torque compared to some competitive power drills. Both handles are smooth and soft since they are covered by rubber material that ensures your hands don’t suffer from blisters.

Even though the motor isn’t brush less, this device is perfect for drilling up to A inches diameter in brick, masonry and also aerated concrete.


  • Versatile drill bits compatibility
  • Dual speed motor
  • Incredible lightweight
  • Easily rechargeable battery
  •  Comfortable grips


  •  Short battery life when drilling hard materials

Buyer’s Guide For best Cordless Hammer drill

When you arrive at the marketplace, you will encounter a wide variety of brands. Obviously, you will wonder which one to pick and which one to ignore. To make the best purchase decisions, you have to look at the standard features of the device. This will ensure that are all the important functions are met by the tools.

Regardless of whether you need an ordinary hammer drill or SDS, you have so many great options to choose from. The major aspects to consider are the durability and the performance of the tool.

Consider The Performance

When talking about performance, there are three things you must consider. Speed, torque and battery life are very important when selecting the best cordless hammer drill. Now, you need to appreciate the fact that most of these devices use lithium -ion batteries.

Since the assimilation of these batteries, most of the power tools can now work for longer, be compact, portable and charge fast without any hassle. The use of battery -powered drills allows a longer reach, unlike the corded types.

Most of the cordless hammer drills require 18V to 20V or higher voltage or wattage to produce maximum speed and torque. In short, the higher the voltage or the wattage of the power drill, the greater the impact and the general performance. To know how powerful the device is, you need to check the amperage of the motor.

It is usually indicated in amps units and it shows how strong the impacts are. Equally, a powerful motor should operate at amazingly high speeds. The speed is measured in rotations per minute, denoted as RPM.

Also, speed can be measured in blows per minute. For the heavy-duty hammer drills, 2000 rpm motor speed is recommended.


Torque can be described as the twisting power that a particular drill can offer. If you will be regularly dealing with heavy-duty work, you should choose the hammer drills with great torque. On the same note, it is a good idea to choose the one with adjustable torque settings. This will allow you to work on a variety of materials that require different levels of torque. You will actually find out that some top -performing hammer drills have up to 12 torque settings. This basically means that you won’t outsource for any other drill when dealing with light and heavy duty drilling work.

The Scale of The Work and The Materials Being Worked on

As said earlier, you need to select the right power of the device depending on the type of the material you are working on. In fact, for small DIY projects, you won’t require a 20 volts hammer drill. For instance, wood and plastics are considered light materials and are incredibly easy to work on.

However, you will need to adjust torque and speed in a bid to get the best impact power to work on harder materials such as stone, brick. With the right motor, you can easily work on a variety of materials with varying hardness.

Size and The Weight of The Hammer

Manufacturers always consider the ease of use for any machine. This applies to hammer drill too. They understand that different users have different strengths in handling the particular machine. Now, for the cordless hammer drills, you should choose a light and a compact size that will be easy to handle and store.

But, you should make sure that it still maintains the same function. Apart from maintaining function, the device should be durable and sturdy. You will realize that most of the top rated cordless hammer drills possess sturdy and durable construction yet they are light and easy to handle.

Why should you Prefer Using Cordless Hammer Drills?

There are uncountable reasons why cordless hammer drills is better than the other types. However, the following are the obvious reasons.

  •  The hammer function is really useful when drilling hard surfaces such as concrete walls
  •  They are portable and you can carry it anywhere 
  •  It lacks cable which can hang around when working and can be a nuisance
  •  Great when working outdoors
  •  They are easily maneuverable and are ideal when working in tight places

Safety Features

Safety at work is vital and it highly depends on the available safety features in the tool you are using. For the case of a cordless hammer drill, you should check for the brake mechanism, safety locks, and auto release button among others.

For instance, models that lack lock and brake mechanism are more vulnerable to over screwing which is a very bad encounter. In addition, a key less chuck is a very important feature because it allows you to make attachments and detachments with ease.

LED lights and Ergonomic Features

One of the features that allow convenient use of a cordless drill is the LED light. They allow you to work in poorly lit or tight areas. Some models have a battery life indicator which gives you peace of mind and hence you won’t be caught off -guard when the device dies off in the middle of a drilling task.

Also, you need to check whether the device has an ergonomic design to allow a more comfortable use. The handles should offer comfortable grip to allow you work for long hours without blistering your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you know whether a hammer drill is powerful enough?

you need to look at the torque and speed ratings which actually depends on the nature of the motor

why are cordless hammer drills better than mechanical drills?

cordless drills are electrically powered and produce higher impact

Are the cordless hammer drills durable than other types of drills?

It depends on the brand and the distinct design. Well, cordless hammer drills need to balance durability and lightweight design. Top rated brands use sturdy materials and durable construction to enhance maximum performance.

Final Verdict

We hope that choosing the best cordless hammer drill will no longer be a daunting affair anymore. We have presented the most insightful and relevant information to help you in understanding the use of hammer drill, and choosing the best. Moreover, we have already presented the top five highest rated cordless hammer drills which are available at budget -friendly prices. We hope that you will find our article very helpful.

As you have seen, we have reviewed top rated and widely recognized brands. Many people have already used them and left genuine testimonies. These devices feature robust bodywork and power efficient motors.

They are easy to use and therefore, great for DIY and professional masonry and construction projects.

Featuring brushed motors and ergonomically designed handles, these devices are worth every penny. Just pick any of the five cordless hammer drills reviewed above and all shall be well.