Best Cordless Power Drills – Buyers Guide

Any craftsman or DIY hobbyist would realize how easy power tools can make doing jobs around the house or at sites. They allow you to complete regular tasks that would be simply tedious to do by hand. An example are the cordless drills, which allows the user to drill through hard surfaces, such as wood or plastic, much easier than without. You can also use a power drill to help fix screws or bolts into an object, at a faster rate than by hand. Overall, a cordless power drills are a must have tool for anyone to have in their armory if they do handyman work.

DeWalt VS Makita Cordless Power Drills Which is best?

Obviously because they are so popular, you can find a power drill with many types of features, functions and shapes. One of the types of power drills you will come across are hammer drills. They are common in masonry type of work, because the drill utilizes a hammering action onto the surface of intended drilling. This impacts on the hole created, and is usually used for those who need it depending on the types of surfaces they will be drilling into. You can also find an alternative to the hammer power drill, which is a rotary hammer drill. These are much more powerful and have an additional feature allowing the user to drill without the “hammering” action if wanting to.

Batteries for Cordless Power Drills

You’ll also find cordless power drills, which make use of rechargeable batteries and allow for easier maneuver without the need for cords. When purchasing a cordless power drill though, you need to make sure that you know what type of battery it requires because the battery is considered to be a separate device (as there have been times in the past where a drill’s battery has stopped being created, so if you had an issue with the battery, you could be left with an unusable piece of machinery).

Now in terms of shapes, there are a few different types of cordless power drills. Firstly you have the T handle drills, which as the name suggests, are shaped in the form of a T. They are very popular nowadays and with the handle being in the center of the device, increases user stability. You also have the piston grip power drill, which, as the name suggests, is shaped like a piston, so this time the handle is at the back of the drill. Finally you have the right angle power drill which is mainly used in compact spaces because there is no barrel.

As you can see there are several things you should consider when buying cordless power drills, so be sure to determine your use, then go and buy accordingly.

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