Best Drill Bit Sharpener Reviews in 2021 | Guide and Tips For Beginners

Just like cutting tools, Drill bits also require regular sharpening. Not unless the drill bits are made from super tough exotic alloys, they will definitely go blunt after several days of use. Now, would you toss them or sharpen them back to the right shape. Well, it is highly probable that you’ll take the easier option of sharpening them back to shape. However, people encounter challenges when selecting the best drill bits. Don’t ask why. The fact is, there is a dynamic variety to choose from. So, in this article, we will be showing what you need to look for and the best drill bit sharpener reviews.

My Top Picks Best Drill Bit Sharpener Reviews

1. Multi-Sharp® 2001 Dual Purpose Drill and Tool Sharpener

Are you searching for the best sharpener r your masonry and HSS drill bits? This device best works for these two bits since it features a dual purpose design. It sharpens two and four edged bits and SDS bits. This grinding jig ensures that each bit is correctly positioned over the wheel.

The wheels are made of carbide and aluminum material making it strong enough to endure bits of all kinds. Its functionality is wonderful since it can be powered by an electric drill. Apart from sharpening drill bits, it is an ideal machine for sharpening punches, chisels, laminate cutters among other cutting devices. Its effectiveness is evident because it sharpens 150 HSS, wood bits, 75 -masonry.

2. Dare DAREX Drill Bit Sharpener V390 Capacity- 1/8″ to 3/4″

When you are able to sharpen the common drill bits n less than a minute, then that is the right sharpener you’re using. This is exactly what Dare DAREX drill bit sharpener is made to. The sharpening capacity is from 1/8 to? Inches bits.

This wide array of options allows you to sharpen all bits you might be having in your toolbox. Well, it is also pretty finding a device like this costing as much as the quoted price.

With the angle of sharpening being 117 to 140 degrees, you can sharpen the bit to achieve whatever shape you want. The machine uses a borazon wheel which has proved its superiority in any situations. Apart from the excellent quality grinding wheel, this machine comes with optional diamond wheels which are known to be very tough.

They are ideal when you’re dealing with carbide bits. The whole structure is rigid, and it is very stable so you can do the sharpening very easily and without a single challenge occurring.

3. Darex PP11125GF Drill Bit Sharpener Wheel

You may evaluate the quality of a sharpener in a variety of ways, but you must never forget to look at the quality of the grinding wheel. One of the best performing wheels is this one from Darex. It features a borazon material which is tough on all tough drill bits, and it delivers fast and precise sharpening without using lots of effort.

Besides, it is very durable, and it can serve you for many years of your drilling projects. It is a 180 grit wheel which isn’t clothed and delivers 2000 sharpening before it requires a replacement. It is particularly useful when splitting the point on high-speed cobalt, steel, and other tough materials.

4. Tormek DBS-22 Bit Sharpening Jig Attachment

Featuring four facet points, this device brings the point to a chisel edge which perfectly works boreholes and straight holes with near tolerances. It ensures that drill bits are sharpened symmetrically so that they function in a perfect unison thereby prolonging the life of the drill.

This device features a perfect sharpening mechanism that ensures all point angles between 90 to 150 degrees are done perfectly.

Furthermore, the optimal clearance angle can be determined and set according to the drilling requirements i.e.7, 9, 11, and 14. Now, a single drill holder accepts drills size ranging from 1/8 to 7/8 inches. Apart from excellent point angle, this sharpener is also ideal for enhancing equal lips.

Moreover, once you embrace the use of this sharpener, is pretty simple to restore the drill bits shape with utmost precision. Also, this device is highly adjustable and great for wide range of bits.

5. Drill Doctor Drill -Bit Sharpener 750X

Don’t struggle with drill bit sharpeners that don’t really work. Besides, why should a sharpener be choosy when you want to sharpen different kinds of materials? Let the Drill Doctor 750X doctor all your drill bits in an effortless way.

This model can work on carbide, cobalt, steel, tin, masonry bits and all others which you might think that they are invincible.

It provides custom point angle sharpening. it allows you to set from 115 to 140 degrees. Thanks to the aluminum point angle shuffle which is very durable and delivers smooth functionality. with bit capacity from 3/32 to ?

Inches, you can effortlessly create or remove split joints as well as adjustable take off materials; allows you to regulate the amount being removed when sharpening.

6. Drill Doctor-DD350X Equipment Hand Tools Drill -Bit Sharpener Tools

People continue to worry about the outstanding performance of Drill Doctor Bit sharpeners will, if you look at DD350X, you’ll realize that they have put more focus on improving chuck alignment. So, they boast unique and precise sharpening more than other models.

Also, it features a longer lasting diamond sharpening wheel. It can work on the standard twist, HSS, tin, carbide, and cobalt as well masonry bits.

The drilling capacity is 3/32 to 1/2 In., 2.5 to 13.0mm. Moreover, it uses 110 volts and works great for homeowners and hobbyists across the world. With 1/7

HP, it can aspen dull drill bits made of different materials. The 180 grit provides sharp and precise drill bit ends so that you can drill on tough materials with fewer hassles.

7. Drill Doctor- DD500-Drill Bit Sharpener-3/32-Inch to 1/2-Inch

Drill doctor DD500 is one of the most versatile drill bit sharpeners. It boasts excellent functionality, ease of use and wide coverage. Many drill bit sharpeners fail to perform to buyer’s expectations, but Drill Doctor Models can bear witness of awesome functionality.

For this particular model, you can easily sharpen masonry, conventional and split joint bits. Equally, it covers sizes between 3/32 to? Inches. It features a professional chuck, and you can choose the sharpening angle from 118 to 135 degrees.

Moreover, the installation and working are simple, thanks to the instructional video accompanying the device. So, why not turn your old drill bits to new. It saves time, money and allows you to perform outstanding drilling.

8. Drill Bit Sharpener 120 Volts- Domestic

Drill bit sharpener is the best and is the most recognized. It boasts UL certification and the price is quite affordable if you were to compare the features available and the performance. It uses 110 volts, and so it fits most of the power outlets in most places. The main advantage is that it uses the diamond wheel and grit is


So it delivers fast sharpening in a variety of drill bits without any challenges. It is powerful as it boasts 1/7 HP and 20000 RPM. The drilling capacity is 3/32 to

3/4″ hence it boasts great versatility. Moreover, it features a selectable sharpening angle range of 115 to 140 degrees. Also, it features a sturdy case which houses the internal components safely and enhances stability when working.

Factors to look for when buying best drill bit sharpener

If you would just trust what your eyes see when making the selection, you have a significant probability of buying the wrong drill bit sharpener. That being said, you have to factor in the significant aspects and features of drill bit sharpeners. Let see what you need to look for when doing the purchase decision for drill bit sharpeners.


As you would expect, the materials the most important thing to factor in whenever you’re purchasing a drill bit sharpener. Even though most of the sharpeners can perform well on drill bits on the market, some drill bits feature special alloy finishes which can pose a challenge. As a matter of fact, some bits are very tough, and they can damage the grinding stone.

So, check this out and ensure that the sharpener you chose is very tough, effective and durable. The thing is, select the sharpener that can handle tin coated bits, steel bits, masonry bits, titanium and cobalt-coated drill bits.


When evaluating the size, there are two things you need to check. The first one is the size of the sharpener and the second one is the size of the bits the sharpener itself can handle. So, you need to check how large the bit holder is and also the size of the grinding stone.

What is important is to understand that drill bit sharpeners are designed for explicit drill sizes, and you must ensure there is perfect compatibility.


When a sharpener can handle different kinds of drill bits, it is versatile. The greater the variety, the less the hassle you would have to face when dealing with a variety of drill bits. The more the bits, the better and you have to be very keen on ensuring what you buy features excellent versatility. Now, most sharpeners can handle all twist drill bits but cannot sharpen a spade drill bit well.

Ease of application

If you want excellent happening, you need to select a specialized sharpener. This will make the bit ready in a very short time. Equally, when you use a jig sharpener or a bench grinder, it may produce varied results because it will depend on the level of skills.

So, you need a specialized drill bit sharpener, if your skills are yet on the low end.

 The grinding stone

The quality of the grinding stone is measured in terms of durability and its grit. Besides, the grit determines how excellently it will sharpen the bits. Now, the best grit should be 100 or more. Nevertheless, there are varied materials of drill bit sharpeners, but none beats diamond. It is durable and tough on all bit materials.


This is usually the last resort for many drill bit sharpeners buyers, but it is very important. You need to have first-hand information about the best drill bit sharpeners brands. When you buy a prominent brand, you’ll have time to read various reviews and see the good and the bad of the product.

As you’ll see in our review, top rated brands usually have a versatile performance and ergonomic design.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Different people come up with some interesting questions on the best drill bit sharpeners. But, we have a number of recurrently probed questions as we discussed below

Question: what is the standard angle, to be specific, on a drill point?

Answer: okay, for the general purpose, 58 degrees or 118 degrees included angle is the best. There may be a variation, but it should be uniform in both lips to ensure consistency.

Question: can you sharpen titanium drill bits

Answer: now, titanium is a coating, and you need to understand that you won’t retain it after sharpening. However, the titanium coating is harder than cobalt. And, both of these materials are more valuable than HSS drill bits.

Question: is it important to clean the machine after you finish the sharpening activity

Answer: oh yeah, it is very important since it prolongs the lifespan of the bit sharpener device. Also, you should avoid leaving the machine exposed to outdoor elements. Also, it is proper if you use a vacuum machine to ensure all the dust from the inner parts of the sharpener is removed.

Question: why is there a burning or electrical smell once you turn the device on?

Answer: This is quite normal though the smell is not supposed to persist. You know the device used magnet DC motors, and carbon brush is a component of these devices. These components result in slight odor during the first seconds upon switching on. However, the smell is not supposed to persist and if it does, there is a big underlying issue with the machine.

Question: what is the right angle to sharpen the drill bits?

Answer: as you know, a drill bit features two cutting sides. The best angle is 60 degrees since it corresponds to the angles of the drill bit plane.


If you have ever had issues with blunt drill bits, then you know it is important having a bit sharpener in your toolbox. Sharpening the drill bit sharpers saves you money instead of throwing those old bits away. Besides, sharpening those bits is an interesting activity that will bring you closer word of power tools.

Depending on the budget you’ve put aside for maintaining your drill bits and the features you like, the last choice depends on you. Just make a wise decision that will take your woodworking and garage projects to a new level.