Best Drill Press Table Reviews in 2021 For Money

Woodworks have been the core activity in the current world. Apart from the many requirements for purchase, a wood drill press table should be an essential too. This is a platform that will help you to keep the machine of operation and the material aligned to perfection.

However, when a need for something increases, many inventions will also take part in the markets. You will, therefore, need to get the best review at hand and select the perfect drill table. We have consequently committed stringently to choose the best ten wood drill press tables that will work to meet your demands.

We have also provided you with the factors to consider and the frequently asked questions regarding the use of these drill tables. Thus, our selection becomes superior when compared to other sources. Get to our pick and feel the vibe!!!

My Top Picks for Best Drill Press Table Reviews

1. MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table Heavy Duty

At the tail end of our selection, MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table comes as the only solution for wood works. It has a broad surface of 20 inches by 30 inches table size, however, the scale does not make it bulky but remains light for outdoor shifting.

Besides, it features an adjustable fence that will enhance maximum holding power. The fence is also scaled to make sure that you are able to acquire exact and accurate measurements and also to decide the best holes intervals to employ.

Versatility and precision is another factor that will make it perfect for use and also compatible with most of the drill presses. It is too small and has no abstraction handles making it easy to clean and maintain. The sanding drums are easily accommodated with the help of the removable table inserts that will also make it perfect for other tables to fit.

Lastly, it has a roughly soft surface that is easy to wipe and clean and too perfect for straight wood planks enhancing a mighty grip.


  •  Easy to operate, maintain and store with no limitations
  •  High quality material for long time use
  •  Increased versatility and precision will promote compatibility
  •  Removable table inserts will help for comfortable accommodation of the sanding drums


  •  Pricy with regard on the quality on offer

2. POWERTEC UT1002 Universal Tool Stand

Ensure that you get the most promising services by purchasing this wood drill press table. It is not only limited to professionals, but also first time users are able to use it. It features a Powderly coated base and even a heavy duty design that will make it waterproof and hence long lasting for prolonged services.

Also, it features both the working shelf and the storage shelf where the working shelf measure 32 inches and the storage shelf measures 18 inches by 27 inches. Additionally, it features a set of adjustable foot pads that will enhance maximum stability.

Function wise, it features dual T tracks that will make it easy to keep the wood into a perfect grip. To prevent skidding and also to make sure that it is free from slipping; it has rubber foot pads which will also increase precision and reliability. More so, it has MDF core that will work to eliminate drops of water and hence waterproof to make it durable and sturdy for long time use.

Lastly, it is small and compact with an ergonomic design that will make it easy to move along with and also for outdoor shifting.


  •  Ideal for all people with no regard to their qualifications
  •  Dual T tracks for perfect articulation and gripping
  •  Features rubber and nonskid foot pads for reliability
  •  Highly versatile and increased precision


  •  Quality will demand improvement to make sure that it handles all wood

3. Grizzly H7827 Drill Press Table

Wood works have become a core value, both for domestic furniture and also for casual purposes. Thus, to make sure that you design only the best, a wood drill press table is an essential that will help you to drill and make holes on different wood planks. Select none other than Grizzly H7827 Drill Press Table for purchase.

It features dual T slots that are meant to make sure that the wood and the working surface are aligned together for the best services. It also features a stop block slide that will help you to enhance quick and secure set up with no limitations.

More so, it is easy to assemble and does not call for any professionalism, making it ideal for first-time users. Compatibility is another factor that will make it superior when compared to its competing brands. It fits all standard drill presses with the help of the two universal table clamps that are included to supplement gripping.

Lastly, it features a scaled fence that will help you to decide intervals between holes and also to boost accuracy while drilling holes on wood planks.


  •  Ideal for all users including first-time users
  •  Easy to use, assemble and maintain with clear steps to follow
  •  Affordable and pocket-friendly, regardless of its high-quality material
  • Compact, ergonomic and small to make it light for portability


  •  Quality requires upgrading to support hard and short wood

4. Woodpeckers WPDPPACK2 Drill Press Table

Do not waste more time in the market without a decision on the best drill press table to purchase. Woodpeckers WPDPPACK2 Drill Press Table should be your ultimate selection. It features a MDF core coating that will make it long lasting and also waterproof for efficient and reliable services. This surface has dimensions of 16 inches by 23 inches and 1 inch wide to make sure that it is stable and robust to prevent damages.

In order to enhance perfect and firm grip, it features a microdot laminate that will also hold the workpiece under much pressure.

For the most reliable services, it has dual T tracks that are correctly clamped on both sides to make sure that the wood is made accessible to drill, regardless of the size of the wood or the hardness.

More so, it has a laser engraved fence that has scaled measurement to make sure that you get the most accurate drills. Also, it is able to handle wood that is of 12 inches in length or beyond, making it easy to drill many holes in a single wood at the desired intervals. 

Lastly, it is stylish and smooth for easy cleaning and also for a perfect articulation of the wood with the working surface.


  •  Favorable price with a high-quality surface for extended services
  •  Easy to measure intervals correctly by the scaled fence
  •  The laser engraved scales will help you to work under maximum conditions
  •  The table is full to enhance comfort and easy use


  •  Sometimes cannot handle wood that is short than 12 inches
  •  The quality sometimes demands upgrading somewhat fails to perform with hardwood

5. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Table

When you entitle yourself to substantial projects, you will enjoy using this table for reliable services. It features the most outstanding factors that make it superior over its competing brands. The surface of this wood drill press table is anodized to make it waterproof to prevent sprouting of the material and also to prevent the fence from marking the metal.

Additionally, it features a rough texture that will make it easy to clean and also enhances the perfect and mighty gripping of the wood to the surface of operation.

Size is another requirement that will make this drill superior and easy to use. It has a compact and ergonomic size that will make it suitable for outdoor shifting and also enhance portability.

More so, this drill press table is easy to use for the beginners and first-time users, more thanks to the smooth and quick assembling that will also keep it ready for use. Additionally, this table has dual T tracks that are well embedded and attached from the lower side to make sure that you are able to keep the wood in a mighty grip.


  •  Have wheel line projections that will make it easy to move along with it
  •  Features a sturdy and stable platform that will enhance accuracy and precision
  •  Rough surface will make it easy to clean and keep it tidy
  •  Highly versatile with most tools


  •  Assembling might appear tricky to first-time users

6. SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

It doesn’t if you are a beginner or a pro, the drilling process should be simple to maneuver. The task is a bit tricky, so, you have to be serious while drilling. Luckily, SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press has all the necessary features making it simple and fast at the same time.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press is affordable and good for the medium-sized workplace. Also, it is compact and built with cast-iron, for which, you get the durability and functionality you need.

It is not only able to cut wood but also able to precise metal or other materials with the help of 5 different speed-system. The range is between 570 RPM to 3050 RPM. Also, 1/2 inch keypad chunk takes larger bits for cutting or woodworking.

Moreover, it comes with X-2 lasers for guiding the spindle correctly. With the help of an “in-depth adjustment method,” it can drill within the very same spot precisely and frequently.

Did I mention about tilting process? Yes, you can tilt the table from 0 to 45 degrees. So, you can adjust the angles towards your right, or left.

​There is no trouble for carrying it at all. Because it is weighing 50.8 pounds only. And remember, you can press the bump-off switch for added security.


  • ​5 different speeds.
  • ​3.2 amp motor with 10-inches swing.
  • ​Red color with black mixed.
  • ​120V.
  • ​½ keypad chunks.
  • ​0 to 45 degrees angle.
  • ​Safety switch..
  • ​Own worktable light..


  • ​The battery has got a poor lifetime.
  • ​No individual button for changing speed.

7. Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table

The most appealing thing with this drill press table is the sense that it reduces, or eliminates the vibrations that the drill press causes. It is made with a small and compact design that will make it easy to shift from stations to stations.

The size will also make it the right option for beginners and untrained users, with quick and straightforward assembling. More so, it has a set of two universal table clamps that will give a perfect grip to the wood and the working station, thus preventing injuries and any safety matter.

As all drilling wood press tables will feature a scaled fence, however, the fence here is high to 3 inches to make sure that you are able to keep the wood and the drill press in a parallel alignment.

Also, the drill press table has a high compatibility with all sized timber and will hence make it easy to drill short spaced holes on the wood without any limitations. More so, the texture is perfect and friendly to make sure that you can clean the working area and also to make sure that the wood is correctly gripped for reliable services.


  •  Ideally for all professionals with no training required
  •  Sturdy and robust to eliminate vibrations that the drill press causes
  •  Scaled measurements will enhance perfect and accurate drilling
  •  Rough texture will enhance gripping of the wood and also easy cleaning


  •  Small and complicated to drilled long sized lumber

8. WEN 414CV 4.25″ Compound Cross Slide Drill Press Table

Right from the look and the stylish design, you will inevitably need to purchase this wood drill press table. It is not limited to any sized wood, but will instead perform with all sized lumber with precision. It features a highly clamping rack that will make it easy to drill the all wood without limitations. Thus, it does not get limited to softwood but also will pierce through the hardwood for reliable services.

Also, it has excellent twisting and adjustments to the right and left sides; 190 mm inclination to the right and 67 mm to the left.

Compatibility is another factor that will make this drill table superior to the competing brands. You can use it with drill bracket series and also mini drills to ensure that other machines are also compatible with it.​

Additionally, it has a corresponding screw that will make it perfect for gripping and hence offers the most reliable clamping. Accompanying it are the most standard accessories with three hexagonal wrenches and an M8 nut to ensure excellent services. 

Lastly, it has a hand wheel that is scaled with measurements to make sure that only the best services are guaranteed.


  •  Scaled measurements will enhance accuracy with drilling
  •  Small, compact and light for outdoor shifting
  •  The admirable texture will make sure that you easily clean and wipe the working station in a short while
  •  Compatible with most accessories and also enhances drilling to all sized wood


  •  Professionals are the best to handle this machine

9. MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

If you are worrying much about your wallet while in the market today, MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table should be your first option for a drill press table. Right from the size, quality and also its stylish look, you will naturally select it for purchase.

It promotes high versatility and precision to your drill press, to make sure that you perform the right task as per the requirements. It is also highly improved to make sure that it keeps growing the services that you require at a parallel alignment with the wood press.

To make sure that you can keep the workplace in a mighty grip, it features a set of microdot laminate that will also enhance safety to your hands while in operation. The fence is also adjustable to make sure that it gives a mighty holding power. Additionally, it has two T tracks that are well embedded and bolted from the underneath to make sure that it is durable and sturdy. 

Lastly, it has a partially rough and smooth texture that will enhance easy cleaning and also for perfect wood drilling.


  •  The T clamping system will make it easy to hold small pieces for drilling
  •  It assembles in a short while without any professionalism required
  •  It has measurements scaled to enhance peak accuracy and hence reliable
  •  Affordable and durable at a pocket-friendly cost


  •  Frequent adjustment might be essential for incredible services

10. Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table

When you need to start wood activities, from shaping and drilling holes on wood planks, you need to employ the services of this drill press table. Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1 Drill Press Table has all the incredible features that will make it the best over its competing brands.

It has MDF core covering that makes it waterproof and also secure from losing its shape quickly. This core has a surface of 16 inches by 23 inches and 1 inch, making it durable and sturdy for all functions.

With its superiority made a concern, it has two bolted and embedded T tracks that are well fixed from beneath. They are double-wide to ensure that they are strong and therefore offer a mighty stand and grip for the wood and the workplace.

More so, it features a laser engraved fence that has a center scale that will start from zero at the center. It is therefore highly compatible with most drilling tools to ensure that it is efficient and reliable for long time use. 

Lastly, it is designed for drill presses that are of 12 inches or beyond.


  •  This drilling press table has an extensive working surface for a series of functions
  •  Outstanding in all woodwork’s, more thanks to the scaling laser fence
  •  It has an incredible texture that makes it easy for cleaning and also for soft grip
  •  Durable and sturdy


  •  If quality is upgraded, it would perform even better
  •  If the drill press is short than 12 inches, this might not be the right option

Guidelines in Buying an best drill press table

After you purchase a drill table, you will have to enjoy many benefits. Here are some of the core factors we need to consider in order to jack out only the best from the purchase arena.

Manufacturer’s quality

It’s a requirement to perform your tasks with only the best drill table in the market today. Durability should be the core issue and thus the quality of the product must be put into consideration.

Versatility and precision

An extensive drill with a vast area of operation will work correctly to make sure that you are able to enjoy maximally. Scales and measurement should also be put into consideration.

 The fence and T track

 Make sure that you notice the T tracks that will enhance maximum articulation and grip. A parallel inclined fence should also be evident with scales to make sure that you decide quickly on the holes intervals.

Lamination and coating

 When a drill table is waterproof and reliable, it will surely last long for incredible services. Make sure that your selected table is laminated and coated to make it durable and efficient.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a table that fits with my drill presses?

A: When you select a full surfaced table, you will enjoy maximum compatibility.

Q: What makes it easy to clean and keep the table clean without sprouts?

A: These tables are laminated and coated to make sure that they are waterproof and hence easy to wash without any limitations.

Q: How am I going to get help regarding intervals and measurements?

A: When you purchase these tables, make sure that you see the scales and measurements on the fence which will help in length adjustments.

Q​: What is a good height for a drill press?

​A.Indeed, it depends on the height of the user and the item that you have to drill. The average height should be mostly 30” to 45” above the floor.

Q​: What does a drill press fence do?

​A.A drill press fence actually stabilizes the machine for drilling various pieces of stuff like metal, wood, or others.

Final Verdict

Apart from the hardy wood drill presses, a perfect table to perform the operations is required to keep the whole job stabilized. Many people are unable to establish the best table for purchase, a sense that has driven us to create this guide. Research is essential before you jump into buying any product from the market today. We have therefore selected the best ten drill press tables that are the best compared to the competing brands. On top, we have made a ready buyers guide that will help you to see the considerations to make before purchasing a wood drill press table. That makes our selection perfect with a comparison to other reviews. Explore our ideal choice, guide, and evaluation to get the best out of the many.