Best Heat Gun Reviewed in 2021 | Expert Picks

Every handyman knows the importance of heat guns. They are great tools used in a variety of repair and construction projects. A heat gun is a powerful tool applicable for heating application needs. So, heat guns are used in welding, thawing and shrink wrapping.

They are incredibly versatile tools; we have researched a variety of bestselling and top rated brands to ensure you get the best. But, you need to factor in some important features of a best heat gun device before making the purchase.

There are two kinds of heat guns depending on the source of power. We have gas powered and electric powered. But of recent electric heat guns have changed the game completely. They are incredibly versatile, maneuverable, and lightweight and offer precise temperature adjustment.

My Top Choices for the Best Heat Gun

1. Astro Heavy-Duty 9426 Industry Heat Gun

Straight from the stores of Astro Pneumatic Tools, this heat gun is here for both DIY and professional engineers. Equipped with an incredibly powerful blower, this high tool amount of air that is needed for a variety of industrial applications.

The range of 1000 to 1100 degree Fahrenheit provides an excellent temperature adjustment so that it covers a wide range of application’s needs. Moreover, it has cool air application that delivers superb cooling and for applications that don’t require any heat.

On the other hand, it has three powers setting together with three positions slip-free base. This adds versatility and ease of use. Further, the device features a built-in air intake vent to allow fast and reliable performance. It features an elongated nozzle that directs hot air to where it is needed. Also, it features excellent quality insulation so that your hands don’t get burnt by the hot device.


  •   Strong fan
  •   Built-in air vent
  •   Reliable temperature range
  •   Ergonomic handle


  •   Very lightweight

2. Makita HG551V- 1020-Degrees Heat Gun

When you hear of Makita, just know the quality is the slogan in the application. It is a leading brand in power tools. Now, this HG551V heat gun is designed to deliver excellent performance in metal thawing, varnishing tasks, re-melting adhesives, and other engineering-related tasks. Moreover, this model is incredibly lightweight so that you can handle it with ease and for a prolonged time. This way you can achieve much since you can work extra hours.

Forget about those models which feature a rigid and very heavy design which you can’t use continuously for even 30 hours without taking a rest. For this unique model by Makita, it features super lightweight casing to enhance easy handling. As a matter of fact, you can work for some hours with the tool in your hands. The HG551V heat gun uses a motor rated 12 amperes and 1400watts for an outstanding performance. Now, for temperature control, the device allows adjustment from 180 to 1020 degrees Fahrenheit.

This wide temperature range is very important because different engineering tasks require a temperature margin and you may need to adjust as project stages demands. Moreover, it has a two-speed blower setting, i.e., 8.8 and 16 cm. this variety of heat blower settings is ideal for handling a variety of tasks.

Moreover, the thermal couple control features play a vital role in enhancing precise temperature control. It uses a ceramic core that also plays a vital role in enhancing a prolonged life of the heating element which is the main and most valuable component.


  •   Excellent built quality
  •   Lightweight design
  •  Soft and comfortable noon slip grip
  •   Soft power buttons


  •   Few nozzle options

3. PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG – 1500 Watt Heat Gun

Porter cable is a brand with incredibly rich history in making excellent power related tools. For this PC1500HG heat gun, you are going to like the wide range of breathtaking features put together to give you the best performance. This heat gun surpasses most of its competitors in performance due to incredible combination and balance of performance features. Now, with 1500 watts power input, this device heats up to a very high temperature within a very short time.

Well, it also supports precise temperature regulation. Now, buying this item give you the opportunity to have 7 amperes, 4.5 inches grinder tool. That sounds fantastic since most of the projects combine the use of a grinder and this amazing heat gun. For the main products in our review, the heat gun boasts dual fan speed selector.

Now, with the combination of these performance-related features, you won’t have any worry when putting the temperature to the highest level. For ultimate material removal speed, this device boasts 1100 rotations per minute. With 7 amperes motor, it powers through the job site very simple and effortless.

Further, this machine tackles job site projects with ultimate power and remarkable durability as well as stability. Thanks to the cast metal case which house the internal component.


  •   Simple push buttons
  •   Soft rubber handles
  •  Strong motor
  •   Dual fan speed selection


  •  No Cons available

4. Steinel 1500 watts HL 2010 E Heat Gun

As part of the continued development of its cutting edge technology, Steinel HL 2010 heat gun is ergonomically designed to ensure extreme performance. It is an ideal in almost any particular application which requires precise heat control. In fact, most professionals have realized the amazing performance of this device, and they refer to it as a heat gun of its own class.

Now, it features a special Dura therm heating element which heats up exclusively well to ensure uniform heating as well as increased longevity of the product.

It heats up in seconds, and you won’t experience any delay. Moreover, it boasts three stage switches. This is a unique design since it allows the cooling temperature to rest at 120 degrees Fahrenheit while low and high stage can be easily adjusted as per the needs.

One unique feature that controls all the functions of this heat gun is the microprocessor. Together with the LCD, this microprocessor controlled heat gun deliver precise and accurate heat release depending on the command given. That being said, this device is programmable depending on the tasks at hand. It is a great device in the medical industry, manufacturing, aerospace technology, and engineering of all kinds.

One of the common applications is when applying shrink tubing, connectors, activating and softening adhesives, working on heat sensitive materials among other important industrial uses. Well, this gadget is energy efficient but requires a substantially high amount of power.

It is 1500 watts rated hence very suggestive, and you won’t ask lots of questions regarding its amazingly heavy duty performance. It uses a strong power cord which is coated with rubber insulation. The power cord is 6 feet long hence gives you a bit of space even when the power socket is at a distant. Apart from enhancing mobility, this power cord is durable and very safe for you because it has remarkable wear résistance.


  •    Strong power cable
  •   Special material for the heating device
  •   Precise temperature settings
  • Three stage switch for increased versatility


  •  No Cons available

5. Steinel HG 2310 Industrial Heat Gun

Heat gun technology has taken a new shape with the ever-growing demands for precision, long life and control. One of the pieces of evidence available on the market is Steinel HG 2310 industrial heat gun. As the name suggests, it is one of the widely used heat guns in industrial processes. Featuring a state of the art technology, the heat gun combines an excellent body with programmable features to enhance precise control. It is an intelligent and programmable heat gun which features lockable override temperature control.

Also, it has extraordinary accurate airflow output settings with a clear LCD display, you can read the temperatures clearly. Besides, it allows temperature increments at a range of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. That being said, you can accurately select the right temperature for the right job. Just to mention some few applications, this heat gun is ideal for aerospace, medical manufacturing, and all other applications which need precise temperature control. Now, the main device responsible for the ergonomic functionality of this device is the Dura-therm heating element.

It is a device specially designed to ensure even heat production as well as the products longevity. Apart from the heating element’s excellent functionality, the body of this device is of outstanding quality. The soft and stable grip is just an example of what this device offers. The handle is smooth and soft so that you can hold it for a long time. Also, it comes with a rubber stand which means you can place the device safely after using it so that you don’t damage heat-sensitive surfaces.


  •   Rubber power cord
  •   Variable temperature control
  •   Ergonomic handle
  •   Rubber stand


  •  No Cons available

6. Milwaukee 8988-20 Heat Gun, Variable Digital Temperature Control

The heat gun is designed to deliver intense heat, and there should be no downtime. But, brand matters a lot when purchasing a heat gun. Now, Milwaukee is a reputable brand which focuses on quality design and functionality. With this particular model, you’ll enjoy the ergonomic design and versatility. It features a beautiful body with comfortable grip. It offers a temperature range of 120 to 1150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides, the temperature is variable and is easy to adjust. This gives this device undisputed versatility. With super clear LED readout display, it is pretty easy to monitor the temperature while making the required adjustments. Moreover, it has three controlled volumes.

So, you can easily match the airspeed depending on the application. The lightweight design together with firm grip allows single hand use. Also, the ceramic encapsulated heating element is effective and durable. This tool is designed for upright use, and the long power cable allows great reach.


  •   Excellent heat
  •   One hand use
  •   Long lasting heating element


  •   Pricier than other heat gun models

7. Milwaukee M18 Heat Gun, 18v 2688-20 Cordless

Whether you need it to thaw pipes, remove paint or any other workshop project, this should be your choice. Although it features a cordless design, this device delivers the same temperature just like the corded counterparts. As you know most heat guns produces approximately 875 degrees Fahrenheit, and this is exactly what Milwaukee M18 heat gun provides. Thanks to the high-performance heat coil those heats up quickly to reach the operational heating temperature in just six seconds. And, eliminating the downtime allows you to perform all your work super effectively.

Unlike the corded heat guns, this one is really compact and can go into places which seem unreachable. On the other hand, this delivers features lightweight design contrary to the corded types. Thus, it allows you to work for long hours without experiencing any kind of fatigue. Moreover, the guarded nozzle and the ladder hook facilitate safety by preventing hot air from getting into contact with untargeted surfaces.

Now, you may actually wonder where the steaming power comes from yet it is cordless. For sure, without a strong battery, this can be entirely impossible. For this case, we thank the Red lithium battery technology. Apart from the great power, it boasts intelligent power management. So, it has a prolonged lifespan more than many other brands in this niche.


  •   Heats up quickly
  •  Lightweight
  •  Great for tight spaces
  •  Durable battery 


  •  Not ideal for heating PVC conduit pipes

8. Steinel Heat Gun 25th Anniversary Edition Kit

Steinel eat gun has been specially designed to enable convenience; safety and functionality using a heat gun saves you time and allows you to perform amazing construction. But not all heat guns are worth your attention especially if you value accuracy, safety, and durability. However, if you are looking for the higher performance and pay less, this heat gun will serve you best.

It boasts a microprocessor technology whereby it controls its functioning. Temperature control or navigation is something that must be correct with a heat gun.

Now, this device boasts amazing ease of use compared to other heat guns roaming the markets today. Thanks to the bright and clear LCD display. With this easy to read screen, you can easily move or lower the temperature by 10degreees Fahrenheit.

The amazing functionality basically results from the exclusive Duratherm heating element. This device is completely encased in ceramic so as to prolong the coil life. With this kit, you will also get to enjoy the 75mm spreader nozzle, 14mm reflector nozzle, 9 mm reduction nozzle, assorted welding rods among other accessories you need.


  •  Light enough
  •  Solid quality
  •  Comfortable grip
  •   Easy to adjust the temperature


  •   Generic case

Factors to consider when buying a heat gun

Depending on the task at hand, there are numerous things you need to consider when buying a heat gun. However, some are basic, and every buyer must consider the following:

>> The variety of Jobs You Intend to Do with the Heat Gun

Some jobs are light while others are quite involving. Now if you need a heavy-duty heat gun, then your workload must be huge too. There is no point in buying a very powerful and energy consuming heat gun yet your heating applications are not that demanding. However, if you’re planning to cover a variety of tasks, then multipurpose heat guns will be the best.

>> The adaptability to the intended engineering works

Do the features of the heat gun correlate with the tasks at hand? For instance, the low and high-temperature settings must match with the needs of the project at hand. Most of the top rated heat guns feature reprogrammed temperature settings. So, you must be sure whether they rhyme with your project needs.

Safety feature available

Auto shut off feature works great for all heat guns. Once you release the button, the device would power, the trigger controls everything.

 Besides, the safety lock features are important too. On the other hand, the multi-stage switch is very advantages for a heat gun as it allows precise and effortless control of the device. Cooling feature is also very important in enhancing safe working f the device.

The power rating and rotations per minute

The performance of the heat gun is usually denoted in terms of power rating and of course the rotations per minute. These usually correlate to the power output of the device.

Type of heating device

In most top rated heat guns, you will find the Dur-therm heating core. Usually covered in a ceramic housing, this is the main component of the heat gun.

Here are some important applications of a heat gun

  • Plastic bending
  • Paint removing
  • Soften tubes covered with ice
  • Loosening tile materials
  • Heating glasses during manufacturing
  • Melting adhesives

Frequently asked questions

How do you select the best eat gun from the variety that exists on the market?

Well, you look at the qualities in terms of power, design, and performance. And, if it meets your budget and work needs, then that should be your option.

Are the heat guns dangerous?

Yeah, hot air can cut through your bones effortlessly. But, the device is ergonomically designed to eliminate those risks. But you must follow the instructions without engaging in ignorant behaviors while using the device.

What is meant by low and high-temperature settings of a heat gun?

These usually refer to preprogrammed temperatures on the higher and lower end. And, in this case, you don’t need to adjust the temperature units manually

Final Verdict

In any engineering project, heat guns are applicable in one way or the other. Choosing the best heat gun is no longer a daunting task. We have highlighted the top brands and various models which have caught up the market by a storm. Pick one that is friendly to your budget and take your engineering profession to the next level.