Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews in 2021 For Money

Air compressors will make it easy to inflate flat wheels within a twinkle of an eye. However, a portable air compressor might be the best to consider for outdoor use. Due to the inventions flowing to the market today, you will find it hard to get a single device out of the many in the market. Thus, we have committed sternly to select, review and give more in-depth details related to best portable air compressor. It is not only limited to small-scale air compressors but also has other industrial air compressors. Accompanied with, we have prepared a perfect guide that will help you to decide wisely while selecting one device from the market today. Get to our selection, and all shall be well.

My List of the Best Portable Air Compressor of 2021

1. Craftsman ​6 Gallon Oil-​free Air Compressor

Looking for the best air compressor that will surely suit your needs at your disposal? Here is the Craftsman ​6 gallon oil lube that is featured with a HP motor that ensures quick recharging for steady work. Having the industry leading ​150 maximum PSI, it enables faster operations and hence faster works delivery.

Also, it has a well-balanced base with rubber that ensures no sliding incidences even in sloppy ground thus maximum safety guaranteed.

Function wise, it is made with universal one hand quick connection that enables for faster swapping and replacement between tools and jobs. It has an oil sight glass that ensures easy oil checking without necessarily using a dip stick to check the level of oil.

It is made with a soft rubber handle that provides no stress on your hands while using it. Finally, it is portable thus easy to move around with together with an outstanding feature, having a three-piece kit, that is a ball tire chuck, a male plug, and a seal tape thus perfect work delivery.


  •  Quick recharging
  •   Fast inflation 
  •  Rubber base for stability
  •  Universal connection
  •  Oil sight glass
  •  Soft rubber handle


  •  Consumes more power

2. California Air Tools ​8010 ultra air compressor

For the best experience in using air compressor tools, California Air Tools ​8010 ​Ultra is your best solution. It is featured with an oil-free tank that requires less maintenance together with a rust free aluminum tank that has high portability which has additional wheels for easy maneuver. It is also small and compact with inbuilt handles that will make it mobile and portable for outdoor and field services. The size is also an industrial cabinet fitting for ease of storage and maintenance.

Besides, it is ultra-quiet and produces less noise while in use while it has a powerful motor with a long handle that ensures no accident occurrence while in use.

Advantage-wise is easy to operate since it requires less technicality to work the machine which makes it easy to use. Lastly, it consumes less power and delivers high power a factor that makes electrically portable.


  •  Rust free tank
  •  Less maintenance required
  •  Rust free aluminum tank
  •  Ultra quiet and friendly
  •  Low power consumption


  •  Only limited to small cars tires

3. Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressors

Are you looking from the market, the best air compressor that fits your specifications? Look no more. The Makita big bore HP air compressor has cast iron pump with a big bore cylinder and an ergonomic grip piston.

Besides, it is made with a bore stroke that delivers maximum performance with great comfort ability. It has a wider base combined with rubber that ensures no accidents while in use.

The wider base will also make it stable and sturdy for ease of operation.Besides, it generates minimum noise with a large 1720 RPM pump-enabling greater displacement of warm air and moisture at lower RPM. It uses less power an advantage that reduces incidences of tripped breakers and voltage drop that can course old malfunctioning of the equipment. 

Finally, it is good oil lubricated to ensure a cooler running pump and minimizes wear and tear. Thus, it is long lasting for extended services.


  •  Ergonomic grip piston for safety
  •  Wider base for stability
  •  Minimum noise makes it user-friendly
  • Less power needed for inflation 
  •  Oil lubricated pump to prevent wearing out


  •  Limited to some sizes of tires

4. Porter Cable PXCMF220VW Portable Air Compressor

Looking for the best air compressor that will serve for a long time without hassles? Need no more for here is the porter cable PXCMF220VW 20-Gallon portable air compressor that you can rely on for all your activities. It has a fantastic feature, seven semi-pneumatic rubber wheels for mobility together with a combination of rubber feet for stabilization thus ensuring no accident incidences while moving or using.

 Also, it is equipped with regulator gauges and a universal quick connect module that provides no stress while setting up. It is made of a sturdy metal handle with a large holding surface which ensures maximum grip with peak comfort.

Function wise, it is a high horsepower that ensures faster operations thus enhances time-saving. It has a lubrication oil-free motor type a factor that increases its reliability since it requires minimum maintenance.

Besides, it has a large gallon gas tank that is rust free thus it guarantees peak durability. It is also light, small and easy to store and consumes less space while in storage. It has a long porter cable gas pipe that makes it easy to use from a distance and can be used in heavy machines thus more prolific. Lastly, it is attractive and eye appealing.


  •  Rubber wheels for portability 
  •  Rust free tank
  •  Long gas pipe for efficiency
  •  Regulator gauges for power adjustments
  •  High horsepower 
  •  Universal quick connect and assembling design


  •  Only essential for small tires

5. Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressors

Make sure that you are not limited to some tasks that would call you to use a more powerful air compressor for your tires. Get this brand and enjoy using it for a wide variety of functions, including cooling your server rooms. It has a cast iron pump that is high duty and durable to give you extended time services.

 It has a pump which is oil lubricated to make it anti-wear and hence becomes the best option for reliable services. Right from the stylish look, this device is best suited for outdoors and also does not emit nose making it the best for commercial use. The fans are silent and hence no disturbance to the surrounding.

Additionally, it features inbuilt storage patterns and rooms that are meant to keep your essentials and accessories in tacked for safety and security. Also, it has rugged wheels that are intended to stimulate portability and also makes it the best for use in the fields.

It also features a soft coiled handle that will help you to quickly pull or push it for increased mobility. To supplement the available motor, it has inbuilt thermal overload which will also act as a power back up when needed. Lastly, it is large enough to fit a commercial cabinet making it stable and sturdy for all perfect services.


  •  Highly compatible with most devices 
  •  Big to fit into commercial cabinets
  •  Wheels and handle included supplementing portability
  •  Has inbuilt storage room for essential accessories


  •   Cannot be used for small-scale inflating services due to the bulkiness

6. California Air Tools; CAT-1P1060S Portable Air Compressor

Have you been looking for the best air compressor that will work to meet your demands? This device from California Air Tools should be your quick option for purchase from the market today. It features an ultra-quiet design that will make it the best choice for indoors and also use during nights.

Besides, it is small, compact and ergonomic to make it the best for mobility and portability and hence can be used for air backups in the outdoors. Additionally, it features an oil-free pump that will give you fewer costs for maintenance and storage.

Additionally, it features a 1-gallon steel tank that will make it the best to run and offer power for a long time without refilling. It has a 0.6 hp motor that will make it easy to connect to a low power input, including a car’s cigarette lighter and makes it suitable for a power back up.

It will thus produce 90 PSI that will make it the best for high power generation. Finally, it features a lightweight design with a small tank and compact design that will make it easy to move along with it and hence more portable.

Air Compressor TableAir Compressor TableAir Compressor Table


  •  Ideal for both indoors and outdoors
  •  High power back up
  •  Has a maximum of 0 PSI for optimal performances
  •  Light and compact for portability​​​​


  •  Truck tires cannot be inflated

7. VIAIR 400P Portable Compressor

VIAIR 400P Portable Compressor comes as the only option that will beat all the other competing brands. It operates under a standard power input of 12 volts that will make it easy to acquire. It can even be obtained from a cars cigarette lighter socket and hence becomes the best for the most critical areas where power is odd. It will also help you to supplement fuel especially when you are in the most remote area.

Also, it features a standard 150 PSI engine performance where the engine ought to be running when in use. This high PSI will make it easy to inflate most tires without selecting some.

Also, it has an inline fuse that will hold 40 amperes and therefore will prevent over functioning. Also, it has two clamps that are meant to keep the batteries and also will make sure that the air compressor is comfortable to hold and carry. Thus, it is easily portable and mobile to all the areas you want.

Finally, it features a deluxe carrying bag with a shock-free box that will make it the best for portability. The small design is the best for ease of handling and storage.


  •  Inline 40 amperes fuse will prevent bursts 
  •  Highly portable and mobile
  •  A deluxe carrying bag which is shock free
  •  Requires less power input


  •  Not compatible with some of the air pumps

8. Ingersoll-Rand P1IU-A9 2 HP Twin-Stack Portable Air Compressor

Make sure that you can quickly and more effectively inflate the flat tires of your vehicle by employing the services of this perfect air compressor. It is designed to beat its competing brands and hence the best selection from the market.

It features a portable, small and compact design that will make it the best for travel purposes. It is also user-friendly, with a low noise production and hence can also be the best option for indoor use. Besides, it has high flexibility and maximum power to make it the best for all powered motors and hence can be versatile to all tires.

Compatibility wise, it is easy to set up with all types of air filters. The material is also the high duty and durable for durability. Thus, it is designed to last long and will, therefore, give you extended time services. It features an enclosed frame with a long life pump that will not require for replacement too quickly.

However, if one of the accessories fails to perform, this air compressor is designed to handle all types of these accessories.


  •  Flexible and versatile
  •  Long life pumps to prevent a frequent exchange 
  •  Highly compatible with most air accessories
  •  User-friendly with no more noise production


  •  Bulky to some extent making it less portable

9. DeWalt DXCM271 27 Gal. 200 Psi Portable Air Compressor

When this air compressor is mentioned, almost every person will like to give a positive experience with it. It is not only made stylish but also has a variety of many accessories that will make it super sturdy. It is built into a pancake design with a broader base that will make it stable and robust for optimal performances.

It will, therefore, provide you with more extended air tool operations and hence inflates in seconds!! Also, it has dimensions of 18.3 inches by 18 inches by 19 inches making it short and perfect enough for storage and handling with ease.

Besides, this portable air compressor has a low volt start with a perfect motor that will help you to use this device with no power limitations efficiently. It has a maximum of 200 PSI that will make it perform and operate like a big device and hence becomes the best for reliable services.

Also, it features a high flow regulator with a shut-off mechanism that will prevent over pumping. When the required level of air is attained, it will shut off automatically, and hence no wastage of over performances will be encountered.


  •   Has a pancake designed base for stability
  •  Features auto shut off design that will make it the best to prevent over the functioning
  •  200 PSI makes its performance equivalent to big devices
  •  High power motor to perform in seconds


  •  Only limited to some tires due to the small size

10. California Air Tools CAT-4620AC portable air compressor

Pumping and inflating flat tires will require you to make a perfect selection for an air compressor. California Air Tools CAT-4620AC portable air compressor has all the best qualities that will make it superior. It is highly convenient with no hidden installations required. Thus, you will have to plug it directly into the cars cigarette lighting socket to offer a power of 15 amperes.

Additionally, it is not only limited to some specific functions but will also be the best for multitasking. It is therefore highly versatile to pumping cars, bikes, sedan vehicles and other standard midsize SUV. This will be boosted by the adapters included for balls and inflatables.

To make sure that you can operate it with ease and precision, it comes with clear readings. They are displayed in four different units to make sure that you can read from every corner to prevent over inflating. To make it the right option for nights and use in the dark places, it has a significant and bright torch with LED flashlight for visibility issues.

Lastly, it has an automatic shut off design that will help you to prevent over pumping.


  •  Highly portable for outdoor use 
  •  Multitasks and gives a wide variety of functions per time 
  •  Easy to operate with precision
  •  Has reading units for reliability


  •  Limited to only small tires

What you should consider when purchasing a portable air compressor

Despite many standard advantages related to these portable air compressors, you need to make sure that you filter down the most essential factors. Thus, you will enjoy your air compressor maximally without any related hassles. Down here, we have analyzed the most critical factors that should be made primary when selecting an air compressor. Explore them for the best:

Power source

Some air compressors have an inbuilt motor system, whereas others have a gasoline engine. This will highly depend on your source of power. If you intend to use an electric power source, an air compressor with a motor will do it better. However, if you want to use these air compressors for outdoors, where there is no guarantee to electric power, you should consider buying an air compressor with a gasoline engine. On the power source theme, the voltage should also be made familiar to understand the power that the air compressor demands to prevent any hassles.

Horsepower, CFM, and PSI

It’s always your expectation to acquire an air compressor that ranges from 1.5 to 6.5. However, some of the air compressors that are designed for industrial use will have higher pounds per square inch (abbreviated to PSI). However, some of the air compressors might appear small but alternatively will produce highly.

CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) usually is the amount of air that the air pressure can produce at a unit quantity. To make it versatile and compatible with big trucks tires, you need to make sure that you select an air compressor with a high CFM. The CFM of an air compressor will be directly related to the PSI of the same device.

Tank capacity

Talking of tank capacity, this is basically the number of gallons that this specific tank can hold. It is meant to supplement the motors in case the power is low than essential. For industrial use, I prefer an air compressor with a big tank capacity to make sure that it refills many tires at a time. For the most powerful motors, a tank capacity is a factor to consider making sure that when the power falls beyond the ideal, you can use the gallons stored to supplement the force.

However, for small-scale jobs, small and pancake designed air compressors should be considered.

Mobility and Portability

Since our selection is limited to the portable air compressors, you should consider looking at the size of the air compressors. Ensure that the air compressor purchased is light, compact and ergonomic to make it easy to move with it for outdoor use. Put in mind where you are to store the air compressor.

Whether you need to keep it in the garage cabinet of the trunk, the size should be considered. Buy a less large air compressor that will enhance perfect handling and storage.


At the tail end of the factors to consider, don’t forget to consider a device based on the sound produced. Not even a single person will enjoy a loud noise produced especially when using the device for indoors. Thus, make sure that you select a silently operating air compressor that will work to meet your demands.

However, for outdoors, you can use a noisy air compressor where no one gets affected by the noise. It’s a minor factor though, but ought to be made a concern.

Frequently asked questions

1. Question: Are the portable air compressors energy efficient?

Answer: When you are purchasing a portable air compressor, make sure that you read the (EER) Energy Efficiency Rating and find out. The more the EER, the higher the machine becomes energy efficient.

2. Question: How noisy are these portable air compressors?

Answer: It’s always hard to answer this question since people have differences in personal preferences. These devices include fans and compressors which will definitely produce some noise. However, this noise is not that disturbing, on a standard condition. Thus, it’s fair to conclude that they are quiet with just less sound.

3. Question: Is it easy to cool my server room with these devices?

Answer: Even though these devices are not industrial based machines, cooling a server room is a task that is highly done to perfection. A computer server room will require cooling to maximum. Thus, some of these air compressors will work to completely cool the rooms.

4. Question: Is it an essential to vent an air compressor?

Answer: Basically the answer is yes. These portable air conditioners require to be vented to some form or style just as all other air conditioners will demand.

Warm air and moisture from the inside of these devices are the most rejects that are supposed to be vented.


Not all decisions are always right. Especially selecting a single item from the overflowing market, it is always hard to get the best. It calls you to do a complete research, take enough time and later comes to a decision. That will help you to enjoy the item purchased and later prevent after purchase regrets. In the case of an air compressor, you need to take a perfect look at the brands in the market. Later, examine them all and come to a conclusion that will leave you satisfied.

Our review is meant to give you all the details, form a wide range of ten brands, guide on purchasing the best and also the most asked questions. Explore through our selection and get one of our selected brands and get assured that you will live to enjoy the services offered. Jump to our selection and feel the vibe!!!