Delta 36-5000 10 Left Tilt Contractor Saw Reviews

Have you ever desired to buy a contractor saw for your commercial or small-scale timber cutting? Have you ever taken a small survey to the market and noticed tons of related items? We are here to give you the best selection from the overflowing items in the market today. Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw comes as the only option for personal preferences.

Right from its stylish design to the functions and services offered, you are able to get the most desired services. It has a robust design that will also enhance durability and hence long time use.

Additionally, this contractor saw is easy to use and operate. It is thus well preferred for beginners and fewer professionals. Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw will operate under quiet conditions and thus becomes user friendly.

This being our sole option, we have internalized the power required and the tons of performances given. Under normal and standard power and professional operation, you are going to yield a lot with this contractor saw.

It will thus provide full money guarantee and hence the best option for commercial use.

Storage wise, Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw is easy to handle and store. For instance, it is compact and ergonomic to make it easy to handle with only little work force required. The small size is also an extra advantage for mobility and portability, and will therefore not only be limited to indoors use, but also outdoors and field use.

More so, it has a packing box that will help you to easily store it after use. With no preference on age, this contractor saw has safety bulges and covers that will keep the saw’s teeth hidden to prevent injuries and cuts while transporting or storing it.

Who are preferred to get Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor saw?

As stated early, this device is easy to use and operate. It is not limited to people of any ranges of profession. Beginners and the less qualified people will also get a hint on how to use it. Yet, the products of the first days of their work might be hectic, but after working a short time, the best performances and services will be kept at hand.

In addition, with its compact and significantly small size, this contractor saw comes for all those who admire a compact saw. It is small as compared to other brands, considering that the size makes it easy to travel with it.

If you have been admiring a small, but a high performing contractor saw, I will highly advise you to jump to this and have it for purchase.

Talking of casual preferences, I would rather favor Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw over other competing brands. It offers full money guarantee, making it the best option for commercial use.

Additionally, you will enjoy the high speed in timber cutting, making this option the best for logging market places. You will have all your money in a single day!

Basics Need To Understand about Delta 36-5000 Saw?

Delta 36-5000 SawDelta 36-5000 Saw

Features Overview​

With no concern to losses and after purchase hassles, Krons, a potential buyer has all the time to praise Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw. I have found this machine more helpful than anyone else would explain. I am able to quote some of the core advantages that I have seen with this device. Delta 36-5000 Tilt

Contractor Saw is powerful and has worked with all sized wood with ease and precision. It is also easy to set up, assemble, and hence time conscious. Not forgetting, the mechanics functions well with the aid of the excellent fence included.

It is also compatible with a dado set and gives a stable and robust working place. However, I disliked the shallow throat plates that hinder zero clearance.

Set up and assembling

Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw comes with all the assembling tools included. It is also designed into a small design that will require less effort while assembling.

Thus, you will easily take all the jointed parts and acquire a perfect device that is easily set up. Setting up with ease and precision will mostly favor the beginners and therefore the best choice for first time users. It also comes with fastening bolts for stable base and body.

Durability and endurance

Having a high duty material, Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw will highly resist breakages and damages. It is also made with a coating and finish that will make it the best to endure all weather conditions. It will therefore resist rusting and wearing out leaving it as new as you had bought it after a couple of years.

Additionally, it is accompanied with some of the professional accessories that will be assembled to make one strong contractor saw. With its small and light design, there are no limitations related to bulkiness.

Ease of assembling and set up

This perfect machine comes with the best qualities for long time services. It has all the essential accessories that will make it easy to use and maintain. The essentials are easily and quickly assembled with ease and precision.

In addition, it features some fastening bolts and spanners that will help you to fasten the accessories well to prevent slipping off. You will also enjoy the super quick set up that is simple and brief for first time users to carry on without any hassles.

Portability and mobility

This machine is easily moved from different places, making it the best for outdoor use. It features two rear wheels and one swivel wheel that will help you to move it easily on flat surfaces. It is also light and compact, a feature that will boost portability.

A handle is also included to make sure that you easily pull and push the device without any limitations.

Support and stability

This factor makes this contractor saw superior over other competing brands. It has a unique tubular stand that will provide your device with optimal stability and support. In addition, it has a wide base that will enhance stability.

The three wheels are also standard to make sure that they remain linear for increased stability. Lastly, it is compactly made with a short design to make sure that it remains in less motion to boost its stability.

User friendly

As many of these contractor saws will make a lot of noise while operating, Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw is quiet and silent. It will thus remain friendly to the surrounding people, not altering with their daily chores.

Besides, it has a dust collection container that will hold almost all the dust produced. That will leave your environment of operation clean and tidy for all the best services. Lastly, it is lubricated to make sure that no weird sounds are produced while moving it along.


  • Easy to assemble and set it up with no hassles
  • Full money guarantee
  • User friendly with no noise pollution
  • Highly portable and easy to travel with
  • Stable and sturdy for reliable services
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Versatile and easy to operate


  • Requires high power for quick operation
  • Small as compared to other commercial brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw energy efficient?

Answer: whenever you are purchasing Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw from the market, make sure that you read the specifications. Look for the energy efficiency rating and make it known. When the EER is high, the device will also have a high-energy efficiency.

Question: How is portability enhanced?

Answer: featuring a handle, you will easily pull or push it along all paths. In addition, it is easy to move with it to the outdoors, more credits to the two rear wheels and the swivel wheel available.

Question: How is Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw user friendly?

Answer: this machine will operate in a quiet and silent way making it user friendly. In addition, it has a dust collection bin that will make it easy to collect almost all the duct generated. Thus, the working area remains tidy for commercial attractions.

Final Verdict

To make sure that you slice your wood planks with ease and precision, you need to use a contractor saw. Many inventions have been made and will leave you confused on which to pick over which. We have therefore filtered down from millions of brands to select a single brand that is meant to beat its competitors.

Delta 36-5000 Tilt Contractor Saw is the brand behind our reviews. With all the qualities and services offered, you will have full money guarantee. It is therefore a perfect selection for commercial purposes.