DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Reviews

Have you been looking for an efficient, versatile and easy to use with precision sliding compound miter saw? In the market today, many inventions have made it hard to get the best sliding compound saw. As technology is taking the most significant part of the world, you will find tons of these sliding compound miter saws, only to be left undecided. You, therefore, need to make a decision that will leave you fully satisfied.

Of all the many sliding miter saws in the market, DEWALT DWS780 Double Bevel Sliding and Compound Miter Saw should be your only selection. Right from what we see, this sliding compound saw has a dual bevel design that will work more than the conventional devices.

Despite its compact design, it can offer you robust and splendid cutting performances. This is not limited to only small profile timbers but will also apply to large profile timbers. Maximally, this type of sliding compound saw can perform correctly to all sized woods of up to 110 by 303 mm.

DEWALT is a company well known behind field tools, since the only tools coming labeled this name will last longer and offer you with longtime services. The material itself is not an issue to discuss for long. It’s evident that the stuff is a high duty and robust. Also, not many sliding compound saws will come with an

XPS shadow and line cut indicator. Being a core value here, it helps you to quickly cut the timber and wood planks in a more accurate design where you will get optimal yields without any adjustments required.

This short, brief and precise article is meant to leave you in a safe ground and give you the best decision for a sliding compound miter saw. Explore down with me and enjoy all the features and specifications of this DEWALT DWS780 Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

Who should have this DEWALT DWS780 Miter Saw?

DEWALT DWS&*) compound miter saw is designed for every single person who has been admiring a small, and ergonomic sliding saw to work with ease and precision

First-time users are also the most friendly and potential users of this device. As a matter of facts, this sliding compound miter saw does not call for any specification, works in a simple way that will make it the best to consider in having it for both commercial and home services.

Those people who intend to invest maximally in a sliding compound miter saw; this comes as the only solution. At a fair and friendly price, you will acquire it and quickly adapt it for extended services. It guarantees you of the best services for full money refund.

What will attract your curiosity in this DEWALT DWS780 Miter Saw?

Features overview

Picking a single person who has bought this device and enjoyed full money guarantee, an old craftsman, Naomi, has all the praises to give to it. Having my birth roots in a dense forest area, I have enjoyed shaping, cutting and slicing timber for all my life. Guess what!

I have been working with the old Craftsman tool that has covered some of my desires, but when I came to understand the better side of this sliding compound miter saw, all have been splendid. Unlike the older device, this tool has come to solve my problems with broader timber planks of beyond 8 inches.

I am now able to cut and slice wood of more comprehensive and broader cut design with no limitations. Lastly, it comes at a price that will leave you fully astonished. The amount is refunded after a short time when you decide to employ the device for industrial and commercial use.


The base is broader than the tool itself. It has a super broad support that will make it the best to consider for high security and durability. Also, the base is made of rubber base that will help it to maximally articulate to the surface and hence becomes the best to consider for cemented floors.

Thus, it becomes the only solution for commercial and industrial use. Additionally, it has a high duty base that will also make it significantly bulky to prevent it from making any motions when in use. We, therefore, give a high mark to its stability and highly recommend its sturdy design for all required services.

Operation with ease and precision

DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a perfect selection for first-time users. It has no preferred user specifications but instead comes with the simple and precise design for desired use.

Additionally, it has a quick and straightforward assembling design that also increases its favors for all esteemed customers. It has integrated XPS line cutting system that will provide you with free line inclination.

It also gives 90 days full money guarantee to all potential buyers, making it the best over competing brands.

Power and performance

Talking of its power, you will likely take a run to the shops and start looking for it immediately. It has a super-powered motor that generates 15 amperes making it a more powerful engine for high ranges of horsepower.

Thus, it will provide you with 3,800 rotations per minute, an incredibly high performance when related to other brands. Unlike the traditional miter saws, it has a perfect design that also includes a spacious cutting area where you can cut all sized timbers.

Stressing on the performances, it has a super-efficient and reliable dust collection system that will capture up to 75 percent of the dust emitted. Thus, the working area remains safe and tidy for reliable services.

Ultimate durability and mobility

Despite being made of high duty material, it is super compact and light to oppose the materials bulkiness. It has rugged guards, fences and bevel system that makes it durable for prolonged services.

The sturdy stainless steel miter detention plates are well made and designed to adapt quickly to the hassles of the working area. Talking of the mobility and portability of this device, it has a perfect handle that will make it a catching area to enjoy full-time travel efficiency.

Easy and hassle-free operation

This is the most friendly sliding compound miter saw to have for purchase. It helps you to bevel the saw from 0 degrees to 49 degrees easily.

Additionally, it will give you five simultaneous positive stops at 0 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 33.9 degrees, 45 degrees and 49 degrees. This will be applied on both the right and left directions and hence easily cuts through your timber with ease. Besides, it has a silent and quiet performance, making less of no noise at all.

Thus, it becomes user-friendly and also the best to consider for environmentally sensitive areas.

Accuracy and ultimate cutting

Looking at this benefit at the tail end, precision and last line cutting is a core issue when this device is mentioned. DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter

Saw has a dual bevel design that will make it easy to cut the timber in an accurate inclination thus giving a perfect commercial performance.

Its sturdy and stable base is also an addition that will help you to reduce the wood planks in a more accurate design easily.


  •  Positive stops and inclination will enhance performance with ease and precision
  • A high duty and stable base is meant to boost commercial preferences for this miter saw
  • The double bevel design will make it easy to cut wood on both the sides with ease
  • Less bulky and compact design will make it easy to travel with this miter saw in hand
  • A sturdy and stable base will enhance sharpness and accuracy while cutting the timber planks
  • Features a dust collection system that will collect up to 75 percent of all dust produced
  • Quiet and silent performances will make it user-friendly


  •  Its ultimate cutting might result in cuts and injuries
  • The high powered motor might at times fail to work under low power

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How will the sliding compound miter saw work after purchase?

Answer: when you have all the specifications with you, I think it’s quite simple. You will only have to keep the motor in place and start your device. For the first days, you will experience some limitations, but after some time, no one else will be cutting right lines like you. However, the beginners will require making themselves familiar with the buyer’s guide or look for a professional for some guidelines.

Question: Is this sliding compound miter saw limited to some sizes of timber?

Answer: Not really. You can work with this sliding miter saw under all sized timbers. However, there are some of the wood that might be wider to be used with this specific miter saw. That will come as the only limitation what so ever.

Question: Is this device portable with its significant appearance?

Answer: Touching is more real than just seeing. The DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw might appear big and bulky when observed from an image. However, when you get it, you will notice that it is highly portable and mobile, more thanks to its compact and ergonomic design

Final Verdict

Make sure that you are free from after purchase regrets by making the right option while in the market today. Many items in the market will leave you thoroughly confused on which device to purchase and which to leave. Considering a purchase of a single thing, it will sound odd.

We have therefore made our wise selection and opted out a single item that will work for full money guarantee. For the case of a sliding compound miter saw, DEWALT DWS780 comes as the best option. It has all the best features that will help you to use it with ease and precision. Get to our review and learn the features and specifications of this device in details.

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