How To Build A Wooden Playhouse For Kids

Playhouse for kids can be a hub for creative play. Designing and building a child’s playhouse is often an engaging project that every family member can participate in. Of course, every child loves owning a playhouse and will accompany you in decorating and planning their playhouse. Below is a guide on how to build a kids playhouse.

Step-by-step advice on assembling Wooden Outdoor Playhouses

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Gather Materials

It is the most time-consuming and extensive step of building a playhouse. A lot of supplies are needed, so make sure everything has been gathered before the construction begins. Some of the materials you might need include plywood, boards, decking planks, galvanized screws, roofing nails, shingles, and quarter-round molding. An assortment of tools such as a hammer, tape measure, utility knife, a level, a drill, and a reciprocating saw may be needed. Including plexiglass can be an alternative to real windows instead of leaving open spaces in the playhouse.

Find a Location

Most playhouses measure 6 by 8 feet. However, a little extra space can be availed for an entrance. Most playhouses are meant for outdoors, but you can place them indoors if necessary. Research online how to build a playhouse and the best places to situate it.

Base Creation

Boards of 2 by 8 are often needed for building the base of a playhouse. Once the base has been laid down, cover it with the decking planks. The base serves as the platform where the playhouse sits on. Then cut the 2 by 8-foot boards and use them to form a 6 by 8-foot rectangle. Then use 3-inch screws to join the board together. You can use additional 2 by 8-foot boards to add stability to the floor of the playhouse. Measure and cut a 1 by 6 deck planking and use it to create and cover the foundation. Then use a circular saw to cut off any protruding board.

Create the Wall Frame

Start by making empty frames where to attach the sides before you build the wall of wooden outdoor playhouses. Measure 1 inch in on the base so that the wall frames can sit on the floor instead of attaching them outside. Then measure the boards that will be used for creating the bottom and top of the playhouse and attach them to the back frame. Repeat the same process while building the other walls, but add a cross-board of six inches below the top board. Then cut several 2 by 4 boards and use them for making sidewalls.

Attach the Wall Frames

Start by standing the back wall upright on the edges of the baseboards. Then secure them to the floor using multiple galvanized screws. Move to the sidewalls and secure them to the baseboard and then secure them to the edges of the back wall using screws. The fore wall will be the last to be added. However, remember to leave a two-foot space in the forefront wall and secure it to the floor so that it fits with the other boards smoothly. Then, move on to making a roof for your child’s playhouse. Start by creating a roof frame and then cover it with plywood.

Final Verdict

For those with some experience and a few time, Wooden playhouse plans could also be the proper choice. Each plan has been designed in order that they are easy to know making it possible for anyone with a touch little bit of know-how and therefore the right tools to make the right kids backyard playhouse. Our plans include a full material list and step by step instructions complete with illustrations. Available for fast download, you’ll be performing on your child’s dream house today.