Best pocket hole screw reviews – facts carpenters must know

In carpentry, you cannot always determine the types of screws. This is not feasible to decide on the screws until the need arises. Using the best pocket hole jig, you can simply insert the screws in the pocket to make the joint. But at times, the carpenters are at a loss to get the best pocket hole screws.

Thereby, they cannot complete the carpentry projects in due time despite having the best pocket hole machine. Since I am a professional carpenter, I felt the urge to get some best pocket hole jig reviews. It would be beneficial for the readers and me, as well.

In this article, I have explained a few of the facts while using porter cable pocket hole jig. In fact, with the support of the best pocket screw tool, you can quickly complete the joining of surfaces.

                               OUR TOP PICKS 

Instance 1


Milescraft 52000003 PocketScrewKit

  • It’s included the lid. 
  • Heavy duty carrying case.
  • This is tight joints. 

Kreg SK03 Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

  • Nice assortment of screws.
  • Five kreg screw .
  • There have an several cheat sheets.
  • You will get popular size of screw.
  • This kit is great for experienced woodworker

Kreg CML-C250-250 2-1/2″ Coarse Pocket Screws with Washer-Head

  • You can use this for your bed garden.
  • This is large flange designed.
  • This is less expensive.

Let’s start the discussion.

A brief idea about pocket hole screw

A pocket hole screw is a type of screw that remains hidden in a joint. Using a drill machine, you can create the pocket to join two boards with the best woodworking jigs.

In a nutshell, oftentimes, there are pockets while joining wood boards. And the screws help to remain them attached for a long time. Besides, the screws are strong and stable for reliable service.

Shape of pocket screws 

The pocket hole screws are almost similar to the ordinary screws. But they have a flat bottom while the screw shank is flat to some extent.

Moreover, the nose is sharp with a drilling tip that prevents wood splinter. So, when you drive the screws using the best kreg jig, they get attached to the woods firmly. And it ensures durability with no visibility at all.

Are pocket hole screws better than regular screws

best pocket hole jigbest pocket hole jig

Well, both types of screws perform their respective jobs. A pocket hole screw has a self-drilling tip. It is necessary to have the tip because you cannot determine the depth of the drill on the board pocket.

But the view is a bit dissimilar with the regular screws. They do not have any such drilling tip. However, you can use the screws to attach something directly. The screw will remain visible.

Both types of screws are essential for carpentry, and you may need to use them in situations. Remember, the ordinary screws are unable to perform the roles of pocket screws while you cannot use a pocket hole screw to join boards from sides.

Pocket hole screw sizes 

Pocket hole screws are available in several sizes. You have to use the screws based on the board thickness. For instance, if the board is half inches thick, you have to use 1-inch or ¾-inch pocket hole screws to join the boards.

Pocket hole screw selection process 

Before the selection of the pocket hole screws, I had to spend some time on research. I recalled my experience, and also discussed the matter with the tester, and even the beginners were on the list.

Following the reviews, recommendations, and other facts, I have made this comprehensive list. Hope you can select your screws after going through it.

Reviews of the best pocket hole screws

1. Kreg SK03 Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

While discussing the pocket hole screws with some other professionals, they had positive feedback about this screw kit. There are several sizes available in the kit, while the number is sufficient, as well. The kit comes with over 600 pieces of screws.

The other impressive fact is that all the crews are self-tapping, and there are five categories. So, the screws have become more popular than any different types available in the marketplace.

If we consider the durability, they will get a five-star rank. They are durable and thus capable of holding the wood joints for a long time. On the other part, regardless of your user experience, you can apply the screws correctly. No worries at all.


  • Strong and durable
  • Sufficient number of screws
  • Penetrates different types of depths
  • Self-drilling feature
  • Prevents driver slipping


  • Slightly misleading info regarding the size

2. Milescraft 52000003 PocketScrewKit

This is the second preference of mine. I have selected this Milescraft pocket screw kit for the carpenter considering the number of nails. Many of the carpenters are in shortage while joining the boards after creating a pocket. So, they need more screws, and this is the one that can meet their needs.

Besides, the screws come with pan head and washer head for pocket holes. You can perform several indoor carpentries with this kit. The people whom I discussed also rated the screws with a five and four-star. So, it was supportive for me to get them on my list.

The self-tapping feature is also convenient for everyone as it can penetrate directly inside the board. The coating from zinc also provides stability for the screws after driving them. They are available in standard sizes. So, you need no worries during your carpentry.


  • Common size for using everywhere
  • Durable hold between boards
  • Large number of nails (around 700 pieces)
  • Reusable storage
  • A chart to determine screw size and shape


  • Some of the screw heads are faulty

3. Kreg SML-C125-500 1-1/4″ Coarse Washer-Head Pocket Hole Screws

Kreg is one of the leading pocket hole screw manufacturers. I have placed this particular product on the list again as the screws are extraordinary. They come with zinc coating and suitable for various indoor and outdoor carpentry applications.

Some of the consumers also have a positive attitude about this screw as they are rust protective. Price is another issue that they loved most. The stainless steel screws drive inside even the hardest board softly. Besides, the screws prevent wood splitting.

Kreg SML-C123-500 screws are available in several lengths. And based on the thickness of the woods or other joining materials, you can apply the screws. Using the best pocket hole machine, this is simple to drive the screws in the pockets.


  • Free gliding inside the surface
  • Remains tight for a long time
  • Prevents overdriving
  • Self-tapping head
  • Large steel shank


  • No battery included

4. Kreg CML-C250-250 2-1/2″ Coarse Pocket Screws with Washer-Head

Kreg again! This time, I have picked this particular one based on the recommendations from the first-hand users. In fact, I have also used the screws for some of my DIY home improvements. The screws can penetrate various types of wood surfaces, including soft and hardwoods.

Moreover, the ratings of the screws are up to the mark from the end-level users and testers. Even if the surface is damp or wet, no worries! You can quickly drive the screws through the surface while the other screws cannot do this.

There are two head styles, and you can pick the screws based on the needs. The large head screws are for common operation. Regardless of their styles, both types can provide a tight bonding between woods.


  • Flat head
  • Prevents wood splitting
  • Clear information in package of using screws
  • Reusable package
  • Large diameter of steel shank


  • The packaging may get an improvement

5. Kreg SML C250B-250 Blue-Kote Exterior Pocket Hole Screws

Wondering why so many Kreg products? I think my list shall remain incomplete without this specific pocket hole screw. If you need to have some heavy-duty outdoor carpentry, this is the right screw.

The users have opined that this screw can penetrate in different types of wood surfaces. Entering into the softwoods is a common issue while it can also enter into the hardwoods, particle boards, plywood, and even pine as well. The threads are larger, which ensures a stable holding between the joints.

Kreg also has utilized anti-corrosion features with these screws, which makes it more lucrative. In fact, the screws are better than the zinc-coated pocket hole screws. The sharpness of the point is too high, which also reduces efforts.


  • Self-tapping tip
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Sharp tip for efficiency
  • Available in various sizes
  • Best for outdoor application


  • Performs best with specific gun speed

6. Milescraft Pocket Hole Screws Bundle

I had a long conversation with some of the beginners and expert carpenters. They were very positive about this Milescraft product. So, I have listed the other variety of the brand again. The most crucial issue is that you can save some of your hard-earned dollars while purchasing it. The packet contains 250 screws.

Besides, the screws are self-tapping. So, they penetrate smoothly inside different types of materials. Some of the responses were like that they have problems with the heads. The heads damage easily, and so, they have to waste time after brushing up the job.

However, there are no such issues with this pocket screw bundle. The screws are most suitable for softwoods.


  • 250 screws
  • Zinc coating makes screws durable
  • Various sizes available
  • Round star-drive washer
  • Solid performance


  • Suitable for softwood alone

Buying guide for best pocket hole screws 

Regardless of your carpentry experience, you may need the best pocket hole machine. But most of the cases, even the master craftsmen are in trouble to select the best pocket hole jig and screws.

So, I wanted to know about the process of getting the cheap pocket hole jig. And the response was overwhelming. All of them recommended almost a similar approach. Later, I realized that they have recommended based on their personal experience.

Thereby, I would love to share the ways to get a kreg pocket hole jig. Follow the methods below to get your best pocket hole system.

Get the best pocket hole jig reviews from online 

It is wise if you can go through some of the reviews. The best price kreg pocket hole jig reviews will explain the features, merits, and other aspects. So, you can have an overview of the pocket hole screws. And you can use the knowledge in your next buy.

Know your carpentry type and needs 

Remember, not all the pocket hole screws are for all purposes. Even the best woodworking jigs cannot meet all the needs simultaneously. A similar theory applies to the screws. Experts suggest knowing the types of works. If you have an outdoor operation, the screw-type would not be the same as it is for the indoor.

Besides, if you work on softwoods, you cannot apply the screws for the hardwoods. It will create a compatibility issue. Therefore, it would be great if you can have the knowledge of your wood types and what you are planning to do.

Durability of the nails 

The field testers opine that a pocket hole screw should be durable. Of course, you will not prefer to do the same job again and again because of a weak hold. Only the durable pocket hole screws can ensure durability. And for that, you have to get them from a reputed brand.

Rust resistance 

Besides, you must check the rust resistance feature. At present, many of the manufacturers provide a coating with zinc and other rust-resistant materials to the pocket hole screws. It will be ideal if you read the manuals or other descriptions provided with the screws.

Moreover, it would be wise if you can get some reviews from field testers or get some online reviews. All the features are nicely explained in the reviews.


Unless the screws are compatible with your gun, you cannot drive them. Therefore, make sure either your gun is compatible with the screws or the screws match your gun.


What is the driving speed?

Driving speed is the pace of penetrating the screw inside the surface. The project will get a faster completion with a speedy screw driving inside the surface.

Can I reuse a screw after pulling it out?

Well, you can reuse the screw if the screw is not damaged. But most of the cases, the screws will not provide the optimum performance. So, it is better not to reuse the pocket hole screws.

What is a star-drive washer?

The name appeared as the washer head looks like a star. And you will need a star screwdriver to insert or remove the screw.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have all the information about the best pocket hole jig. Carpentry is easy if you own the best pocket hole screws. They are durable and can play a vital role with the best pocket hole machine for a durable board or partition joint. The other outstanding benefit is it remains concealed.

Moreover, the list above will always be helpful. Remember, not all the screws for all the jobs. You have to select your intended carpentry and accordingly have to apply the screws for better performance.