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Plan 9 from Bell Labs - Section 2 - System and Library Calls

0intro - introduction to library functions
9p - 9P file service
Srv, dirread9p, emalloc9p, erealloc9p, estrdup9p, listensrv, postfd, postmountsrv, readbuf, readstr, respond, responderror, threadlistensrv, threadpostmountsrv, srv
9pcmdbuf - control message parsing
Cmdbuf, parsecmd, respondcmderror, lookupcmd
9pfid - 9P fid, request tracking
Fid, Fidpool, allocfidpool, freefidpool, allocfid, closefid, lookupfid, removefid, Req, Reqpool, allocreqpool, freereqpool, allocreq, closereq, lookupreq, removereq
9pfile - in-memory file hierarchy
Tree, alloctree, freetree, File, createfile, closefile, removefile, walkfile, opendirfile, readdirfile, closedirfile, hasperm
abort - generate a fault
abs - integer absolute values
abs, labs
access - determine accessibility of file
addpt - arithmetic on points and rectangles
addpt, subpt, mulpt, divpt, rectaddpt, rectsubpt, insetrect, canonrect, eqpt, eqrect, ptinrect, rectinrect, rectXrect, rectclip, combinerect, Dx, Dy, Pt, Rect, Rpt
aes - advanced encryption standard (rijndael)
setupAESstate, aesCBCencrypt, aesCBCdecrypt, aesCTRencrypt, aesCTRdecrypt, setupAESXCBCstate, aesXCBCmac
allocimage - allocating, freeing, reading, writing images
allocimage, allocimagemix, freeimage, nameimage, namedimage, setalpha, loadimage, cloadimage, unloadimage, readimage, writeimage, bytesperline, wordsperline
arg - process option letters from argv
arith3 - operations on 3-d points and planes
add3, sub3, neg3, div3, mul3, eqpt3, closept3, dot3, cross3, len3, dist3, unit3, midpt3, lerp3, reflect3, nearseg3, pldist3, vdiv3, vrem3, pn2f3, ppp2f3, fff2p3, pdiv4, add4, sub4
assert - check program invariants
atof - convert text to numbers
atof, atoi, atol, atoll, charstod, strtod, strtol, strtoll, strtoul, strtoull
auth - routines for authenticating users
amount, newns, addns, login, noworld, auth_proxy, fauth_proxy, auth_allocrpc, auth_freerpc, auth_rpc, auth_getkey, amount_getkey, auth_freeAI, auth_chuid, auth_challenge, auth_response, auth_freechal, auth_respond, auth_userpasswd, auth_getuserpasswd, auth_getinfo
authsrv - routines for communicating with authentication servers
authdial, passtokey, nvcsum, readnvram, convT2M, convM2T, convTR2M, convM2TR, convA2M, convM2A, convPR2M, convM2PR, _asgetticket, _asrdresp
avl - AVL tree routines
mkavltree, insertavl, lookupavl, deleteavl, avlwalk, avlnext, avlprev, endwalk
bin - grouped memory allocation
binalloc, bingrow, binfree
bind - change name space
bind, mount, unmount
bio - buffered input/output
Bopen, Binit, Binits, Brdline, Brdstr, Bgetc, Bgetrune, Bgetd, Bungetc, Bungetrune, Bread, Bseek, Boffset, Bfildes, Blinelen, Bputc, Bputrune, Bprint, Bvprint, Bwrite, Bflush, Bterm, Bbuffered
blowfish - blowfish encryption
setupBFstate, bfCBCencrypt, bfCBCdecrypt, bfECBencrypt, bfECBdecrypt
brk - change memory allocation
brk, sbrk
cachechars - font utilities
cachechars, agefont, loadchar, Subfont, Fontchar, Font
chdir - change working directory
cleanname - clean a path name
color - colors and color maps
cmap2rgb, cmap2rgba, rgb2cmap
complete - file name completion
control - interactive graphical controls
Control, Controlset, activate, closecontrol, closecontrolset, controlcalled, controlwire, createbox, createboxbox, createbutton, createcolumn, createentry, createkeyboard, createlabel, createmenu, createradiobutton, createrow, createscribble, createslider, createstack, createtab, createtext, createtextbutton, ctlerror, ctlmalloc, ctlrealloc, ctlstrdup, ctlprint, deactivate, freectlfont, freectlimage, initcontrols, namectlfont, namectlimage, newcontrolset, resizecontrolset
cputime - cpu time in this process and children
cputime, times, cycles
ctime - convert date and time
ctime, localtime, gmtime, asctime, tm2sec, timezone
ctype - ASCII character classification
isalpha, isupper, islower, isdigit, isxdigit, isalnum, isspace, ispunct, isprint, isgraph, iscntrl, isascii, toascii, _toupper, _tolower, toupper, tolower
debugger - machine-independent debugger functions
cisctrace, risctrace, ciscframe, riscframe, localaddr, symoff, fpformat, beieee80ftos, beieeesftos, beieeedftos, leieee80ftos, leieeesftos, leieeedftos, ieeesftos, ieeedftos
des - single and triple digital encryption standard
setupDESstate, des_key_setup, block_cipher, desCBCencrypt, desCBCdecrypt, desECBencrypt, desECBdecrypt, des3CBCencrypt, des3CBCdecrypt, des3ECBencrypt, des3ECBdecrypt, key_setup, des56to64, des64to56, setupDES3state, triple_block_cipher
dial - make and break network connections
dial, hangup, announce, listen, accept, reject, netmkaddr, setnetmtpt, getnetconninfo, freenetconninfo
dirread - read directory
dirread, dirreadall
disk - generic disk device interface
opendisk, Disk
draw - graphics functions PB L
Image, draw, gendraw, drawreplxy, drawrepl, replclipr, line, poly, fillpoly, bezier, bezspline, fillbezier, fillbezspline, ellipse, fillellipse, arc, fillarc, icossin, icossin2, border, string, stringn, runestring, runestringn, stringbg, stringnbg, runestringbg, runestringnbg, _string, ARROW, drawsetdebug
dsa - digital signature algorithm
dsagen, dsasign, dsaverify, dsapuballoc, dsapubfree, dsaprivalloc, dsaprivfree, dsasigalloc, dsasigfree, dsaprivtopub
dup - duplicate an open file descriptor
elgamal - elgamal encryption
eggen, egencrypt, egdecrypt, egsign, egverify, egpuballoc, egpubfree, egprivalloc, egprivfree, egsigalloc, egsigfree, egprivtopub
encode - encoding byte arrays as strings
dec64, enc64, dec32, enc32, dec16, enc16, encodefmt
encrypt - DES encryption
encrypt, decrypt, netcrypt
errstr - description of last system call error
errstr, rerrstr, werrstr
event - graphics events
event, einit, estart, estartfn, etimer, eread, emouse, ekbd, ecanread, ecanmouse, ecankbd, ereadmouse, eatomouse, eresized, egetrect, edrawgetrect, emenuhit, emoveto, esetcursor, Event, Mouse, Menu
exec - execute a file
exec, execl, _privates, _nprivates, _tos
exits - terminate process, process cleanup
exits, _exits, atexit, atexitdont, terminate
exp - exponential, logarithm, power, square root
exp, log, log10, pow, pow10, sqrt
fauth - set up authentication on a file descriptor to a file server
fcall - interface to Plan 9 File protocol
Fcall, convS2M, convD2M, convM2S, convM2D, fcallfmt, dirfmt, dirmodefmt, read9pmsg, statcheck, sizeS2M, sizeD2M
fd2path - return file name associated with file descriptor
fgetc - Stdio input and output
fgetc, getc, getchar, fputc, putc, putchar, ungetc, fgets, gets, fputs, puts, fread, fwrite
flate - deflate compression
deflateinit, deflate, deflatezlib, deflateblock, deflatezlibblock, inflateinit, inflate, inflatezlib, inflateblock, inflatezlibblock, flateerr, mkcrctab, blockcrc, adler32
floor - absolute value, remainder, floor, ceiling functions
fabs, fmod, floor, ceil
fmtinstall - support for user-defined print formats and output routines
fmtinstall, dofmt, dorfmt, fmtprint, fmtvprint, fmtrune, fmtstrcpy, fmtrunestrcpy, fmtfdinit, fmtfdflush, fmtstrinit, fmtstrflush, runefmtstrinit, runefmtstrflush, errfmt
fopen - standard buffered input/output package
fopen, freopen, fdopen, fileno, fclose, sopenr, sopenw, sclose, fflush, setvbuf, setbuf, fgetpos, ftell, fsetpos, fseek, rewind, feof, ferror, clearerr
fork - manipulate process resources
fork, rfork
fprintf - print formatted output
fprintf, printf, sprintf, snprintf, vfprintf, vprintf, vsprintf, vsnprintf
frame - frames of text
frinit, frsetrects, frinittick, frclear, frcharofpt, frptofchar, frinsert, frdelete, frselect, frtick, frselectpaint, frdrawsel, frdrawsel0, frgetmouse
frexp - split into mantissa and exponent
frexp, ldexp, modf
fscanf - scan formatted input
fscanf, scanf, sscanf, vfscanf
fversion - initialize 9P connection and negotiate version
getcallerpc - fetch return PC of current function
getenv - access environment variables
getenv, putenv
getfcr - control floating point
getfcr, setfcr, getfsr, setfsr
getfields - break a string into fields
getfields, gettokens, tokenize
getpid - get process ids
getpid, getppid
getuser - get user or system name
getuser, sysname
getwd - get current directory
graphics - interactive graphics
Display, Point, Rectangle, Cursor, initdraw, geninitdraw, drawerror, initdisplay, closedisplay, getdefont, getwindow, gengetwindow, flushimage, bufimage, lockdisplay, unlockdisplay, openfont, buildfont, freefont, Pfmt, Rfmt, strtochan, chantostr, chantodepth
html - HTML parser
parsehtml, printitems, validitems, freeitems, freedocinfo, dimenkind, dimenspec, targetid, targetname, fromStr, toStr
httpd - routines for creating an http server
HConnect, HContent, HContents, HETag, HFields, Hio, Htmlesc, HttpHead, HttpReq, HRange, HSPairs, hmydomain, hversion, htmlesc, halloc, hbodypush, hbuflen, hcheckcontent, hclose, hdate2sec, hdatefmt, hfail, hflush, hgetc, hgethead, hinit, hiserror, hload, hlower, hmkcontent, hmkhfields, hmkmimeboundary, hmkspairs, hmoved, hokheaders, hparseheaders, hparsequery, hparsereq, hprint, hputc, hreadbuf, hredirected, hreqcleanup, hrevhfields, hrevspairs, hstrdup, http11, httpfmt, httpunesc, hunallowed, hungetc, hunload, hurlfmt, hurlunesc, hvprint, hwrite, hxferenc,
hypot - Euclidean distance
intmap - integer to data structure maps
Intmap, allocmap, freemap, insertkey, caninsertkey, lookupkey, deletekey
ioproc - slave I/O processes for threaded programs
closeioproc, iocall, ioclose, iointerrupt, iodial, ioopen, ioproc, ioread, ioreadn, iowrite
iounit - return size of atomic I/O unit for file descriptor
ip - Internet Protocol addressing
eipfmt, parseip, parseipmask, v4parseip, v4parsecidr, parseether, myipaddr, myetheraddr, maskip, equivip4, equivip6, defmask, isv4, v4tov6, v6tov4, nhgetv, nhgetl, nhgets, hnputv, hnputl, hnputs, ptclbsum, readipifc
isalpharune - Unicode character classes and cases
isalpharune, islowerrune, isspacerune, istitlerune, isupperrune, isdigitrune, tolowerrune, totitlerune, toupperrune
keyboard - keyboard control
initkeyboard, ctlkeyboard, closekeyboard
lock - spin locks, queueing rendezvous locks, reader-writer locks, rendezvous points, and reference counts
lock, canlock, unlock, qlock, canqlock, qunlock, rlock, canrlock, runlock, wlock, canwlock, wunlock, rsleep, rwakeup, rwakeupall, incref, decref
mach - machine-independent access to executable files
crackhdr, machbytype, machbyname, newmap, setmap, findseg, unusemap, loadmap, attachproc, get1, get2, get4, get8, geta, put1, put2, put4, put8, puta beswab, beswal, beswav, leswab, leswal, leswav
malloc - memory allocator
malloc, mallocalign, mallocz, free, realloc, calloc, msize, setmalloctag, setrealloctag, getmalloctag, getrealloctag, malloctopoolblock
matrix - Geometric transformations
ident, matmul, matmulr, determinant, adjoint, invertmat, xformpoint, xformpointd, xformplane, pushmat, popmat, rot, qrot, scale, move, xform, ixform, persp, look, viewport
memdraw - drawing routines for memory-resident images
Memimage, Memdata, Memdrawparam, memimageinit, wordaddr, byteaddr, memimagemove, allocmemimage, allocmemimaged, readmemimage, creadmemimage, writememimage, freememimage, memsetchan, loadmemimage, cloadmemimage, unloadmemimage, memfillcolor, memarc, mempoly, memellipse, memfillpoly, memimageline, memimagedraw, drawclip, memlinebbox, memlineendsize, allocmemsubfont, openmemsubfont, freememsubfont, memsubfontwidth, getmemdefont, memimagestring, iprint, hwdraw
memlayer - windows of memory-resident images
memdraw, memlalloc, memldelete, memlexpose, memlfree, memlhide, memline, memlnorefresh, memload, memunload, memlorigin, memlsetrefresh, memltofront, memltofrontn, memltorear, memltorearn
memory - memory operations
memccpy, memchr, memcmp, memcpy, memmove, memset
mktemp - make a unique file name
mouse - mouse control
initmouse, readmouse, closemouse, moveto, getrect, drawgetrect, menuhit, setcursor
mp - extended precision arithmetic
mpsetminbits, mpnew, mpfree, mpbits, mpnorm, mpcopy, mpassign, mprand, strtomp, mpfmt,mptoa, betomp, mptobe, letomp, mptole, mptoui, uitomp, mptoi, itomp, uvtomp, mptouv, vtomp, mptov, mpdigdiv, mpadd, mpsub, mpleft, mpright, mpmul, mpexp, mpmod, mpdiv, mpcmp, mpextendedgcd, mpinvert, mpsignif, mplowbits0, mpvecdigmuladd, mpvecdigmulsub, mpvecadd, mpvecsub, mpveccmp, mpvecmul, mpmagcmp, mpmagadd, mpmagsub, crtpre, crtin, crtout, crtprefree, crtresfree
muldiv - high-precision multiplication and division
muldiv, umuldiv
nan - not-a-number and infinity functions
NaN, Inf, isNaN, isInf
ndb - network database
ndbopen, ndbcat, ndbchanged, ndbclose, ndbreopen, ndbsearch, ndbsnext, ndbgetvalue, ndbfree, ipattr, ndbgetipaddr, ndbipinfo, csipinfo, ndbhash, ndbparse, csgetvalue, ndbfindattr, dnsquery, ndbdiscard, ndbconcatenate, ndbreorder, ndbsubstitute, ndbgetval, csgetval, ndblookval
notify - handle asynchronous process notification
notify, noted, atnotify
object - object file interpretation functions
objtype, readobj, objtraverse, isar, nextar, readar
open - open a file for reading or writing, create file
open, create, close
perror - system error messages
perror, syslog, sysfatal
pipe - create an interprocess channel
plumb - plumb messages
eplumb, plumbfree, plumbopen, plumbsend, plumbsendtext, plumblookup, plumbpack, plumbpackattr, plumbaddattr, plumbdelattr, plumbrecv, plumbunpack, plumbunpackpartial, plumbunpackattr, Plumbmsg
pool - general memory management routines
poolalloc, poolallocalign, poolfree, poolmsize, poolrealloc, poolcompact, poolcheck, poolblockcheck, pooldump
postnote - send a note to a process or process group
prime - prime number generation
genprime, gensafeprime, genstrongprime, DSAprimes, probably_prime, smallprimetest
print - print formatted output
print, fprint, sprint, snprint, seprint, smprint, runesprint, runesnprint, runeseprint, runesmprint, vfprint, vsnprint, vseprint, vsmprint, runevsnprint, runevseprint, runevsmprint
privalloc - per-process private storage management
privalloc, privfree
proto - parse and process a proto file listing
pushssl - attach SSL version 2 encryption to a communication channel
pushtls - attach TLS1 or SSL3 encryption to a communication channel
pushtls, tlsClient, tlsServer, initThumbprints, freeThumbprints, okThumbprint, readcert, readcertchain
qball - 3-d rotation controller
qsort - quicker sort
quaternion - Quaternion arithmetic
qtom, mtoq, qadd, qsub, qneg, qmul, qdiv, qunit, qinv, qlen, slerp, qmid, qsqrt
quote - quoted character strings
quotestrdup, quoterunestrdup, unquotestrdup, unquoterunestrdup, quotestrfmt, quoterunestrfmt, quotefmtinstall, doquote, needsrcquote
rand - random number generators
rand, lrand, frand, nrand, lnrand, srand, truerand, ntruerand, genrandom, prng, fastrand, nfastrand
rc4 - alleged rc4 encryption
setupRC4state, rc4, rc4skip, rc4back
read - read or write file
read, readn, write, pread, pwrite
readcolmap - access display color map
RGB, readcolmap, writecolmap
readv - scatter/gather read and write
readv, writev, preadv, pwritev
regexp - regular expression
regcomp, regcomplit, regcompnl, regexec, regsub, rregexec, rregsub, regerror
remove - remove a file
rendezvous - user level process synchronization
rsa - RSA encryption algorithm
asn1dump, asn1toRSApriv, decodePEM, rsadecrypt, rsaencrypt, rsagen, rsaprivalloc, rsaprivfree, rsaprivtopub, rsapuballoc, rsapubfree, X509toRSApub, X509gen, X509verify
rune - rune/UTF conversion
runetochar, chartorune, runelen, runenlen, fullrune, utfecpy, utflen, utfnlen, utfrune, utfrrune, utfutf
runestrcat - rune string operations
runestrcat, runestrncat, runestrcmp, runestrncmp, runestrcpy, runestrncpy, runestrecpy, runestrlen, runestrchr, runestrrchr, runestrdup, runestrstr
scribble - character recognition
scribblealloc, recognize
scsi - SCSI device operations
openscsi, closescsi, scsiready, scsi, scsicmd, scsierror
sechash - cryptographically secure hashes
md4, md5, sha1, sha2_224, sha2_256, sha2_384, sha2_512, aes, hmac_x, hmac_md5, hmac_sha1, hmac_sha2_224, hmac_sha2_256, hmac_sha2_384, hmac_sha2_512, hmac_aes, md5pickle, md5unpickle, sha1pickle, sha1unpickle
seek - change file offset
segattach - map/unmap a segment in virtual memory
segattach, segdetach, segfree
segbrk - change memory allocation
segflush - flush instruction and data caches
semacquire - user level semaphores
semacquire, tsemacquire, semrelease
setjmp - non-local goto
setjmp, longjmp, notejmp
sin - trigonometric functions
sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, atan2
sinh - hyperbolic functions
sinh, cosh, tanh
sleep - delay, ask for delayed note
sleep, alarm
stat - get and put file status
stat, fstat, wstat, fwstat, dirstat, dirfstat, dirwstat, dirfwstat, nulldir
strcat - string operations
strcat, strncat, strcmp, strncmp, cistrcmp, cistrncmp, strcpy, strncpy, strecpy, strlen, strchr, strrchr, strpbrk, strspn, strcspn, strtok, strdup, strstr, cistrstr
string - extensible strings
s_alloc, s_append, s_array, s_copy, s_error, s_free, s_incref, s_memappend, s_nappend, s_new, s_newalloc, s_parse, s_reset, s_restart, s_terminate, s_tolower, s_putc, s_unique, s_grow, s_read, s_read_line, s_getline, s_allocinstack, s_freeinstack, s_rdinstack
stringsize - graphical size of strings
stringsize, stringwidth, stringnwidth, runestringsize, runestringwidth, runestringnwidth
subfont - subfont manipulation
allocsubfont, freesubfont, installsubfont, lookupsubfont, uninstallsubfont, subfontname, readsubfont, readsubfonti, writesubfont, stringsubfont, strsubfontwidth, mkfont
symbol - symbol table access functions
syminit, getsym, symbase, pc2sp, pc2line, textseg, line2addr, lookup, findlocal, getauto, findsym, localsym, globalsym, textsym, file2pc, fileelem, filesym, fileline, fnbound
thread - thread and proc management
alt, chanclose, chancreate, chanfree, chaninit, chanclosing, chanprint, mainstacksize, proccreate, procdata, procexec, procexecl, procrfork, recv, recvp, recvul, send, sendp, sendul, nbrecv, nbrecvp, nbrecvul, nbsend, nbsendp, nbsendul, threadcreate, threaddata, threadexits, threadexitsall, threadgetgrp, threadgetname, threadint, threadintgrp, threadkill, threadkillgrp, threadmain, threadnotify, threadid, threadpid, threadsetgrp, threadsetname, threadwaitchan, yield
time - time in seconds and nanoseconds since epoch
time, nsec
tmpfile - Stdio temporary files
tmpfile, tmpnam
usb - USB device driver library
usbcmd, classname, closedev, configdev, devctl, finddevs, loaddevstr, matchdevcsp, opendev, opendevdata, openep, startdevs, unstall, class, subclass, proto, CSP
usbfs - USB device driver file system library
usbreadbuf, usbfsadd, usbfsdel, usbdirread, usbfsinit, usbdirfs, usbfs
venti - archival storage server
venti-cache - Venti block cache
VtBlock, VtCache, vtblockcopy, vtblockduplock, vtblockput, vtblockwrite, vtcachealloc, vtcacheallocblock, vtcacheblocksize, vtcachefree, vtcacheglobal, vtcachelocal, vtcachesetwrite, vtglobaltolocal, vtlocaltoglobal
venti-client - Venti client
vtconnect, vthello, vtread, vtwrite, vtreadpacket, vtwritepacket, vtsync, vtping, vtrpc, ventidoublechecksha1
venti-conn - Venti network connections
VtConn, vtconn, vtdial, vtfreeconn, vtsend, vtrecv, vtversion, vtdebug, vthangup
venti-fcall - venti data formats
VtEntry, VtFcall, VtRoot, vtentrypack, vtentryunpack, vtfcallclear, vtfcallfmt, vtfcallpack, vtfcallunpack, vtfromdisktype, vttodisktype, vtgetstring, vtputstring, vtrootpack, vtrootunpack, vtparsescore, vtscorefmt
venti-file - Venti files
VtFile, vtfileblock, vtfileblockscore, vtfileclose, vtfilecreate, vtfilecreateroot, vtfileflush, vtfileflushbefore, vtfilegetdirsize, vtfilegetentry, vtfilegetsize, vtfileincref, vtfilelock, vtfilelock2, vtfileopen, vtfileopenroot, vtfileread, vtfileremove, vtfilesetdirsize, vtfilesetentry, vtfilesetsize, vtfiletruncate, vtfileunlock, vtfilewrite
venti-log - Venti logs
VtLog, VtLogChunk, vtlog, vtlogclose, vtlogdump, vtlognames, vtlogopen, vtlogprint, vtlogremove, vtlogopen, ventilogging
venti-mem - error-checking memory allocators
vtbrk, vtmalloc, vtmallocz, vtrealloc, vtstrdup, vtfree
venti-packet - zero-copy network buffers
Packet, packetalloc, packetappend, packetasize, packetcmp, packetconcat, packetconsume, packetcopy, packetdup, packetforeign, packetfragments, packetfree, packetheader, packetpeek, packetprefix, packetsha1, packetsize, packetsplit, packetstats, packettrailer, packettrim
venti-server - Venti server
vtsrvhello, vtlisten, vtgetreq, vtrespond
venti-zero - Venti block truncation
vtzerotruncate, vtzeroextend, vtzeroscore
wait - wait for a process to exit
await, wait, waitpid
window - window management
Screen, allocscreen, publicscreen, freescreen, allocwindow, bottomwindow, bottomnwindows, topwindow, topnwindows, originwindow